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Hi.  I live in Tyne & Wear and my Mum is coming across from Lancashire to stay with me for a few days next month.  One of the things she would like to do whilst here is visit a garden in Boldon which was featured on Gardeners' World - evidently it's an 'open garden' which specialises in clematis.  Does anyone know what she's talking about and if so where I can find details.  Cheers.  Wendy

Hi Pam. Wow that was quick - how impressive.  No wonder I couldn't find it when I was looking at Boldon and it's actually in Bolam - thanks Mum!  Well although it's 30 miles away and not just 5 minutesup the road, I'll try to organise it for her - thanks to you of course!

Cheers.  Wendy x

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