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I was just wondering if anyone could give me tips on caring for an orange tree?

My parents have asked me to look after theirs for the next few months due to moving house and no longer having a conservatory or greenhouse. I have currently put it on my conservatory but I am unsure on how often to water it or if it needs feeding. All I have heard is that it doesn't want too much water.

I have noticed however that some of the leaves are yellowing and turning brown but there are some new green leaves too. The tree is quite old as apparently I planted it from seed when I was a child and I am now 23! lol Apart from that I know nothing else about the tree and neither do my parents.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



It doesn't look very happy at the moment does it?  I'm wondering if it's getting enough light?

How long has it been since you took charge of it, and were the leaves yellow when your parents passed it to you?

Not blaming you - just trying to see if the change in situation has caused it. 

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