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I like to grow summer flowering bulbs in pots and have a collection of such pots in one particular area of our garden, all pots being topped off with grit. 3 years ago what I assume is a self sown orchid became established in one of these pots, it appears to be a pyramidal orchid which currently grow in a meadow 200 metres away from our garden. Since then a further five plants have appeared in adjacent pots, I assume self sown from the original plant, four of these 6 flowering this year.Seed pods are developing on these plants and I would like to try to produce plants from the seeds myself rather than rely on self sown plants appearing as and when and where. Can anyone provide advice as how best to sow the seed please.



As a basic rule I would say try to imitate the natural conditions as possible. soil type, time of seed release, aspect etc.


I believe that orchids have to have the right mycorrhiza in the soil as well. That is why  wild orchids do not transplant well,unless a large chunk of soil is taken with them. Commercially I believe that they are grown on sterile jelly medium and then grown on.

But if you have the seed then it's always worth a go.

Thanks waterbutts and fidgetbones. From my limited knowledge of orchids I understand the point made by fidget regarding mycorrhiza which is why I was so suprised at the plants appearing in pots with bog standard compost.

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