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Can anyone advise me on my Butterfly Orchid, Do they flower again? the blooms I had on it last year were stunning and I would love to be able to get it to flower again. I have put in a cool bright place and the leaves are still thriving.

What species is it, Sheila? There are quite a few with the same common name.

otnorot but just call me Bill

Landgirl I'm pretty sure what sheila has is a Phalaenopsis.Sheila it should bloom yearly just keep doing what your doing and don't over water.What you consider bright may be like a dull cloudy day to your orchid,filtered sunlight through a curtain is best.



Sheila, sorry to interupt your thread. Can't help at all with Orchids

Bill let us know how you are going on, I'm on Hello Forkers.

Thankyou to all for the advice you passed on to me regarding my Orchid, i,ll keep you posted on how it goes


Orchid Lady
Sheila, mine stopped flowering after flowering non stop for 2 years, I nearly threw it away as I don't know much about orchids at all and thought I'd killed it!! Instead I moved it and just left it, watered it when I remembered and after about 6 months it had a baby (new shoot) and flowered again. It has now got more new buds and I also have another now which is flowering again. I have now had it 4 years and 4 months (yes I'm counting!!)

Since then I read up on orchids quite a lot and now I don't water them as we normally would, instead I spray them each week with a water spray and always feed them with orchid food when flowering (which reminds me, I must go and get some tomorrow!). They are both really healthy and I'm really proud of my results

Good luck with yours.

Tracy, thankyou so much for the information, I checked my Orchid  again today and it is a very healthy looking plant, I,m going to take your advice on the watering and buy some Orchid food (hopefully in anticipation of it flowering) . I will keep you posted on the progress,  Regards Sheila.

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That's ok Sheila, to be honest there isn't much I can advise on being a 'newbie' to gardening so glad I could help. Good luck
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Love orchids. They don't like to be 'standing' in water and also be careful not to get water in the middle of the leaves. I also wipe the leaves over with a damp cloth now and again. Once the flowers have died, you can cut that stem back to the second or third nobbly bit on the straight part of the stem and you get new shoots off that. Hope that makes sense sorry 

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I forgot about cutting the stem down, thanks Lily. Basically the bit that looks 'dead', just cut it off and then it's has babies

 Last year we just cut back the old flower stems and stood the plants under cover outside.  Gave them a good soaking from a spray head on the hose and otherwise ignored them.  They are full flower again.  I love plants that thrive on neglect

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I'll put this on this thread too

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I love orchids and think I may have to get another one or two They are so pretty.

I learned quite a bit when I went to Southport Flower Show a few years ago and there was a stand there for an Orchid organisation, not sure which one but they were really helpful.

I think I may get one with the tiny flowers.....not good on names/varieties sorry but will get there in that one!!

Tracey................if you are looking for small flowered orchid............Dendrobium delicatum is a good one.............long sprays of small flowers, very in late Winter/early Spring.  There is a white form and a pink one .  Mine are all flowering now and they scent the house


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Tracey, for tiny flowered orchids have a look at Doritaenopsis. They are very easy to care for, they're much the same as Phalaenopsis.

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My four plants (all different colours of Phalenopsis) live on a windowsill not in full sunshine.  They get put in a washing up bowl once a week and watered from the top with orchid food, then left to stand in the water for about an hour.  After that they are taken out and water drained out of the pots before being returned to their pot covers.  That's all.  They all flower regularly over long periods of time.  My son (not green fingered) reckons he can cope with the once-a-week regime when I am away for long periods.  Two of the plants were the £4.50 ones that come around in Ikea at regular intervals.  As soon as you move into other species they have differing needs - indeed the English native orchids all need a much damper regime, but then they live outdoors in the garden.


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Thank you Phillippa and Flowerchild. I'm tempted to take the easy option and get the one recommended by Flowerchild about then I think I might be ready for a challenge. Will look into it further.

Both of mine were from M&S, one was reduced and stopped flowering after I got it for about 6 months, but looks lovely now
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Tracey, i've had some  quite expensive ones from orchid nurseries and some quite cheap ones. Tescos often have them for about £5-6. I've had a couple from there for about 6yrs now. The  2 from the orchid nursery have died. I've also got a couple, I got from Ikea, they were £4.50 each and are doing really well.

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Great, so it seems that 'cheap' orchids do well. I'll keep with the cheap My purple one was a present and flowered non stop for 2 1/2 years, at one time it had over 20 flowers on.....I kid you not! And that was from a complete novice who knew nothing, I even told my friend that gave it to me that it would be dead within a month!!! I've had it 4 years and 4 months now