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And I keep adding roses that have been ther 'ages!' 


My hubby is the same he has no idea of what things cost unless its something to do with a guitar, so I can say anything I like re my purchases, also he never notices when something is new which is always an added bonus as I often say 'what this old thing'

Erm ladies, i dont think we are doing much for the stereotypes!

Not all men are that daft! My second OH (we were both widowed) cooked for himself after his wife died, I do it now because we each do what we are best at. He notices new additions to the garden, he even chose my latest rose " Lady Emma Hamilton". I'm so glad we found each other, we have become real and equal friends. Although we can both laugh when one of us does something silly!



I'm 29 and still have friends (both male and female) - who are now DOCTORS - phone me up for basic cooking questions as not only did they not know when we were 21 they still haven't mastered despite my hinting they just look on the BBC Good Food website. I've even been brought in to cook "impressive" meals or desserts when they were entertaining  

So is it a gender thing or do these people naturally find someone gullible enough to do it for them?!

Right - I must go and pick his clothes off the bathroom floor and tidy up the kitchen after his breakfast explosion. I really can't tell whether this has happened since I left work or whether I just didn't notice before. 

Woodgreen wonderboy

my best lady friend,, just doesn't "do" cooking and is quite open about this. Luckily I do. 

Clari, i know im a doormat, but ive got so fed up of the rows and the mess, i just do everything for him now, all meals, all drinks, all cleaning etc, at least this way i can stay on top of all the jobs, he cant even make himself a protien drink without getting that powder everywhere! Grrrrr

I spose we are all wired differently, i dont have many other talents and am generally happy being a home maker
Woodgreen wonderboy

Sometimes it's just easier to get on with it yourself? However is that not how doormattery starts?

Choices, choices, b****y choices....

Everything is a choice Woody, i choose to be a doormat because its easy, i can bite when i need to
Woodgreen wonderboy

and the meek shall inherit the earth... if that's alright with the rest of you...

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