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Same here nut.  I usually just look at the last few pages of latest posts and new discussions.  I try to answer any threads with zero replies to get the ball rolling, too, as many of those are from new arrivals and I want to encourage them to come back.

Hey zoomer, dont throw in the towel.  I think the forum is used less in the summer as already said.  I have ventured briefly onto other forums but this is the one for me.  It is more spontaneous, fulfilling and uplifting ...for me anyway.  


It depends what you're looking for David.



I do the same as Nut - can't be doing with notifications -  I get too many emails as it is!

When I come onto the Forum I check for any Messages then have a look at threads I've posted on recently, then go to latest posts and new discussions.  Try to answer any queries if I can and have a chat to others if I have the time.

Got too much gardening and other stuff to do to live on here. 


Sounds about right to me Dove. I've 'met' some nice people on here. I've had my queries sorted and answered other peoples' queries. Late evening conversations have been welcome.

Anything I don't want to get involved with is easy to avoid. 


I too try to respond to new posters.  Even if the question is better answered by others


I do much the same as Dove and nut, and like Bob, I try and answer a zero reply question if I'm able to but I don't always know the answers! Lots of people seem to just need an answer to a query and don't post regularly but it's nice to encourage new posters wherever possible. Don't leave Zoomer- I think Verdi's right. We're out in our gardens more in the summer and sometimes too tired for much in the evenings - or is that just me!! 


I check my 'followed threads and then see if I can answer any queries. I like any id queries but if nutcutlet has got there b4 me I know the id has been sorted!!  


Going to put my penniesworth in because I think all you 'knowledgable' gardeners do a grand job with your answers to queries from posters, new or old.  Let's face it, you put up with know-nothing me.

From what I see, all genuine posters are welcomed and assisted as much as possible.

Zoomer, you are not allowed to leave.

The potty gardener

I agree with many- often people are doing much more outside in the summer. That period of bad weather in the spring had everyone posting so often- nothing else to do- we all know housework is banned- also gave some plenty of time to bake- is that  lovely Mr H back on Tuesday?

Frank however always managed to post  on what's weather like thread- I do hope it's just he is compterless.

Sure we will get many back once autumn comes- another heatwave promised first

Zoomer don't leave or we will overload you with pms


It's the eyes Bev!  Those big, blue eyes.Who cares about the cooking.


Yes pg - he's back on Tuesday night 

Good times!

Tina- it's why the spam's so annoying - yesterday's was infuriating as there was tons of it but all on the gadren design topic so it pushed up lots of old threads. Think everyone seemed to get it round it well enough though.

Hello all Woodgreen wonderboy not been on for a while so think I will send him a letter and not seen hollyhock for a bit either

maybe like you all say they are enjoying the weather and will come back later on

Thanks you guys.

I was getting abit down hearted because I don't usually come on line till about 7 or 8ish and welcomed the notifications because those were the one's I'd replied to first or one's I was following. I was begining to think by not reply would infer I was ignoring posters responses.  

I've worked it out now , by pressing on zoomer and then postings it brings up what you've last posted. So I won't be leaving. It's an excellent forum.

Ditto to responding to postings.  




Zoomer, the easiest way is when you've clicked on "latest posts" on the left then click on "followed posts" on the right and a lists of all the posts you have posted on will appear.

Been away for a few days so sorry for not replying.

BL How easy is that, didn't realisecould kick myself


A lot of posters obviously sneak onto the forum when at work Zoomer, unlike yourself. So evenings are quieter.

I was wondering about Frank too...... J.

Jo. They do random checks were I work, don't know how, so there's little chance of sneaking online.


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