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07/07/2015 at 14:26

Kleipieper that looks well cool - what a lot of pallets to use

08/07/2015 at 00:39

New project just for Verdun.

Can you tell what it is yet.

 Only joking Verdun. No offence intended but it did raise a smile with me!!!

(my sincere apologies if it did offend )

08/07/2015 at 09:58

Edd , put me out of my misery what is it ?


08/07/2015 at 10:38

is it a ukele

08/07/2015 at 16:26

It's a big wooden spoon! lol.

08/07/2015 at 16:30

Edd , must be modern art , look forward in seeing in The Tate Gallery with a huge price tag 

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241 to 246 of 246 messages