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You need a tool like mine demolition bar I got it from eBay for about £20 does brilliant did put a picture on this thread sometime

Have you got any further with the pallet projects

Got another few pallets and some good pallet thick planks for the legs on the benches that I will be making

Will be going for more pallets soon even though have a few that need making into benches, cold frames and more  - really wish I had a dry sheltered area to build stuff


You will need a few more pallets for that Gardengirl..



Steve 309

We collected 16 pallets from the local builders' merchant this afternoon and I've spent a merry couple of hours taking them to bits.  Cafe tables to follow.

Edd would need more pallets for a shelter but no room for one in garden - is that your shed?

like that shed mine will be smaller 6 foot by 6 foot, have collected all the shed pallets all numbered and marked to if they are top layer or bottom layer -  lots needs to be done when building it  and will take a while as no shelter over that

Edd how are your projects going?

Steve 309 that is brilliant - 16 pallets that is a lot to get in one day

do you have a shelter place to take the pallets apart

Steve 309


We picked them up in my friends' Berlingo and trailer; they have a garage-sized workshop where we've stacked them up and I'll be working in there in the next couple of weeks dismantling them.   Then the curate knows someone who has a workshop with a planing machine, so once the bits are all dry we'll smooth them off and then I can start remantling them.

hollie hock

New pallet project, a big new frame for the new growing session

 Still in it's ugly looking stage and needs doors


Still bits left over



Gardengirl, have you managed any more progress on your shed?


Hollie hock your new pallet frame looks good much more space for growing things nice shelves - what will you use your left over bits for? 

my muscles not been up to much as not been too well and still need to dig and clear soil area and remove prob more rubbish

Think it will be April when I start the pallet shed - hope bit more dryer by then so soil less slimy  

hollie hock

Thanks, it's huge but I'm hoping it's going to full of plants this year  and is always good to have some extra space. Sorry to hear that you've not been well, you always sound so busy and full of energy. That's a job that can wait anyway.

Not sure what OH will do with, I did ask him but he just said burn them! He likes bonfires.  Hope you feel better soon


For get OH. hollie hock. (just give them the off cuts for the b&q after.)

That is starting to look promising.

How are you holding it together, Please?

You could build an entire summer house with enough pallets however if you have three you could build a compost area, I built a two bay compost area to allow me to turn over the compost wish I had the space for three of four bays which would help.


hollie hock

Hi Edd, the sides were a 6ft pallet cut cut in half and the rest of it is held together with screws. The plastic roof and sides are attached by nails not hammered in flush but bent over.

That's tough not being able to get on with what you want too Gardengirl, I hope your energy comes back to you. Have you started sowing seeds yet? I haven't yet, maybe towards the end of this month

Gardengirl hope you are soon 100% fit again so you can start on Pallett building 

Now have a few Palletts but not decided what to build yet , still need to fully repair shed first from last year vandalism 

Hollie hock I have started seed sowing something easy ish, celery, sweet peas mixed, broad beans and a few flowers yesterday delphinium, petunia mixed and antirrhinum white 

Thanks I wish I could do pallet building

Dam vandalism GWRS

hollie hock

Well you've been busy on the seed sowing front anyway. Still not started here, but have got new suplies in. Need to dig out my seed boxes and see what's there. Might give larkspur another go this year and some snapdragons

I was tidying up one of the beds and saw loads of self sown achillea or possibly candytuff coming up, so will getting on with it this week hopefully

I don't understand vandalism GWRS