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hollie hock

Pallets are great gardengirl, I have a very handy oh who makes stuff out them all of time, including coldframes, beds, seats, made a 60ft + fence out of them in my old garden. As others have said the tough bit is getting them apart! Anything he makes always get the dark wood stain slapped over them and you can never tell what they were

Looking forward to seeing your creations!


The thing is GG you can start with inspiration and imagination and that is where i started from, but without a bit of luck and a small helping hand, of money, now and again for tools, then i would be back at your stage. 

Just thought! That is exactly where i did start from.So that is a oxymoron and what i did, worked for i have just passed on to you, otherwise i would not be telling you about this! 

Good tools helps and get them by any means you can, please. Then return the favour.


You have all my luck. So use it then pass it on.

Hope you have a perfect time.

Enjoy and learn.



Hello all oh ive been seeing alot are turning to pallets and making very good things ive seen a whole garden been transformed by pallets it was lovely and they said it was half the cost of what decking is they have all pots etc with lovely blooms but they said its low maintainence but be careful were you buy as these pallet companies charge alot as they have cottened on i just thought id mention this hope it helps there are some places that give them away but ive no idea who do but its just as good as decking ive even looked online too happy gardening everyone 

hollie hock

Hi gardengirl, just it give a go I would say. I'm not a great diyer but my partner is. I've seen the stuff that he has created, he can turn anything into anything!

He is very talented I think but when I ask him how do you know how to do that? He just says I had a go at it!

I do know that good tools are important but it's amazing what you can find in carboot sales, gumtree and freecycle.

Had a quick look at the vid for the bench, that guy has some very fancy tools, I wouldn't be put off by that. 




Well today I had a go at 1 pallet lots of hammering and bashing done using a hammer, crowbar, ear protectors,14lb sledge hammer and some bricks, took a while some bits a small split but good to use.  Most was done with the hammer and crowbar 2 planks came off like the stone drop method way but with the bricks and sledge hammer dropped on an extra piece of wood to keep the other wood ok underneath.

Well I made it one pallet all in bits of wood - dismantled, making a cold frame from this pallet and another pallet

Hand a bit sore even though wearing gloves

Will get the hang of it for the next pallet bit easier once one done and you know how to dismantle the pallet

Will add pictures another day


We used pallets upended and screwed to support posts to make the sides and backs of our 3 bay compost heaps.  The fronts have slot in slats to allow access for turning and emptying.

A few years later I used some more pallets to make an insect hotel with a  roof garden as shown in this thread if you scroll down a bit.


Well done Gardengirl. The first one is always the hardest. Looks like you have picked up a few tips along the way. 

Go for it! Looking forward to your pics.



Obelixx -that looks great like the idea of the roof garden on top

Here is how it started


Here is the tools I have used crowbar, hammer, sledge hammer, ear protectors and gloves

This is part way through - the planks took of the back

 Here is how it looks now, nice tower of blocks and lots of planks of wood



Allotmenteers would be lost without there compost corners made from pallets and  all usually freemans 

WOW, you did well Grdengirl, to get the nails out of the blocks.

Tried the brick method today, it's slightly easier, the flag stone I was using broke though . Looking forward to seeing the pics of your finished project

No expert

 Here is a bench i made from a 9 board pallet.

 This is the de-Luxe model with an added back rest.

Busy Bee2

This is a fab thread.  We have pallets - I usually just cut them up with a chain saw and stick them on the log burner, but this is much more creative.  Loving the bench and the greenhouse staging!!!

No expert

The bench without a back comes down the garden when I'm planting and doubles up as a seat and a work bench.

Thanks for the picture now I understand what you mean.  How did you put the back on the bench?  Super long screws?  

Thanks Zoomer44

Pallet no.2 now done.  Actually this one was much tougher to do and the wood split in a few places, hard to get the nails out as they were rusted in.  Needed a lot more effort.

Busy Bee 2 - welcome to the forum. Lots of ideas here.


hollie hock

Well done Gardengirl in bashing those nails out  When we built a fence super long screws were the answer.

Free pallets are great, you can do so much out of them. Although they  do get the fire started as well Busybee

No expert

Not that super long at all. Six 4x 70 spax screws  is all that holds on the back

 The extra material needed:

2 pieces of 3x2 wood 20 inches long cut at a shallow angle to give a slope of 9 to 10 inches. The tops are rounded with a band saw but could just as well be cut at a slope to allow water to run off.

3 Pallet boards same length as seat. 2 screws in each board.

I also fixed a length of timber to fill the gap between the seat and the top of the back of the seat.


No expert

Sorry Gardengirl that should say 3 pallet boards and 4 screws in each as per photo

 Also you may need to screw some of the other boards as pallet boards can be loose.

My compost bin made completely from pallets.


 And a raised bed for strawberries.

hollie hock

Great pictures no expert, I like the bench a lot. Pallets are great!

Thanks  No expert for the info and pics

Started on the potting table the other day taking apart another pallet

Done more pallet hammering yesterday putting the top bit of the potting table together now it looks like a piece of wood with no gaps between,  just seeing if I can have a shelf as well from the pallets