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One teaspoon of caustic soda in 1 liter of water, sprayed on (this will open the grain). Then after it has dried use a garlic/onion/pepper and microbe (worm tea) spray then let it dry again. It will stall any rot but eventually it will decompose. Thats life unfortunately.

Edit: you can apply beeswax but i would only use that for indoors.


Potters wrote (see)

 I managed to collect various pallets last summer and started with simple troughs but then got a bit confidence and a bit more's fun and it's free!



Potter. If you rotate that pic 180 degrees it looks exactly like my first attempt at a pallet lamp shade!

I have also been informed that it is my last attempt! lol


Now there's an idea Edd....


Great uses of pallets. GG hope the hand eases soon, so we can see pics of potting bench

Potters think you get the award for the most unusual use of pallets.

Hope GW magazine don't do an article on pallets or everyone will be after them and we won't be able to find any 


Loved reading through here! Where do you get pallets from KEF? 



Not telling or you'll get them.  

Got one from back of co-op, I asked if they wanted it. One from the top of a skip, they were happy for it to go so they could get more in, and one from neighbour whose son works for a computer firm, he used to get loads for bonfires    waste.

I keep an old dust sheet in car boot, just in case ..don't really but not a bad idea.

Thanks for the advice, Edd. I'll get cleaning my pallet today.


I'll tell OH to put a dust sheet in HIS car and keep a look out, thanks kef


I get them from a farm supplies shop. I use them for storing my big hay bales on to stop damp getting into the hay from below.


Potters; love the xmas tree

No expert

Pics of storage box as promised.

 A pile of pallet boards sanded and cut to suit the job.

 The back is one board higher so the roof will slope and not hold water.

 Completed storage box with lid. A lick of fence life and it is ready for use.

Used 3 small pallets and some other small bits. Did the cutting and sanding at work during lunch break over a few days. Should keep the fleece and hessian sheets dry and nearer where they are needed. No more trudging back to the garden shed at first light.


Neat job No expert.

You seem to have the knack for this sort of thing.


No expert, impressive

No expert

I saw a guy make the bench on a tv programme a few years ago so no credit to me except for the back.

The storage box is a plain enough item but I badly need somewhere handy to store all the sheets I use for frost protection. We get frost to early May in Tipperary. I envy those living by the coast, they sow earlies in Feburary.

Will post a picture when it is stained up and has handles on it. bogged down cutting wood at the moment, fuel running low this time of year.

No expert that looks great - sure your not an expert - they don't even look like pallet planks nicely sanded was that a power sander?

Thanks KEF my hand still sore


No expert

Perks of having a workshop at work. Beltsander, orbital sander and chop saw make it easier.

star gaze lily

Thats great no expert 

Hi WW good to see you 


Happy Planter - line it with black plastic.  This will stop chemicals leaching and also protect the wood from moisture in the soil so it will last longer.