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Ooh, can we see it painted?

I have pallets. I am overly excited. I will have a compost bin by the end of tomorrow or I'm a Dutchman.

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Well have you got your clogs ready just in case?. Best of luck with the construction work.


Take pictures Lisa enjoy you pallet project

I will add photos tomorrow for you all to see have painted the bench too summer damson Cuprinol garden shades - I really like the garden shades adding so much colour to the garden

Hello all here is my pics 

From this a pallet


I took the planks off moved them next to each other and sawed it smaller


Left the blocks on, -  with all the blocks I have been collecting from other pallets

I decided to stack them make them into the legs

Sawed up some planks left over and used them to join the legs together with clamps and lots of nails put in, wanted all the blocks level at the front and back view of the bench

Nailed them together to the bench top which had the 1st block joined to the top so 6 blocks attached in six places

This is how it ended up looking then I sanded it down

Using the coarse sanding block in pic above. - that is the saw I have been using on all the pallet projects 

This is how it looks now painted Cuprinol garden shades summer damson,  I wanted to not paint the blocks so it still had a bit of the pallet look

In the picture is the strawberry planter painted maple leaf green still need to sort the liner out yet and buy the compost


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Looks great Gg  look forward to more pics of your handy work.

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Looks brilliant Gg. Had the same idea for the legs of the garden table i'm making.

Was thinking of making a 5/6 foot tall tool store suitable for use on an alottment.Just to see how it might look and might be of help to new alotmenteers what do you think?


Fab work Gg. Love the colours 


That looks great Gg - I love the legs!

If anyone lives near Leicester, and wants some pallet wood but either can'd be bothered to take them apart or doesn't have any hanging around I discovered this place over the holidays, I got a bootful of wood for future projects :

They are a community run place that collects and sells recycled wood.  They do packs of pallet wood for £3.50 for 10 planks.  They also have various sizes of scaffold planks.  And if you're not near Leicester, these are other places UK wide


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Looks good Ed, had someone just dumped it round the corner...what a good find.


Gg, love those colours

Edd I know the HT is heat-treated so that is good no chemical but for the numbers I don't know, I had wood chipped blocks on one pallet easy to get apart with hammer and crowbar.

I am looking forward to the pics Edd 

Thanks artjak

I have added the liner of the strawberry planter

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Thats good for you Ed, all those freebies for you to recycle  look forward to more pics of your projects.

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Planter looks good GG. Hope you get a good crop.

Well the potting table has got a little bit further this afternoon

Put the blocks on the bottom of the legs for the table, then put it on the trestles to see how it looks and if any needed doing

It was a little high so the legs will go up past the top and help support the edging of the top of the potting table

The bottom shelf has now got a an extra board put on cause not as wide as top so now both 90cms wide to help attach to the legs and stand up properly

So will roughly look like this but not on the trestles - there is a nice knot hole in the top just right for the dibber tools - will take more pics as I go

I only had a bit of time in the afternoon to have a go and it rained on me while hammer in nails but I wanted to get it done


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The garden table as promised.

 Round topped table at 30 inches diameter. those were the legs i had planned to use. Thought they looked a little bulky so this is how it looks.

 Stil not happy with legs. Thinking of replacing them with one circular leg.

No Expert like your table well done  - goes so well with your bench

How did you make the table top circular?

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With a home made compass. A piece of wood with two holes 15 inches apart. Screw through one hole in middle of table. pencil through other and revolve. Cut with a jigsaw. sand down rough edges.

Proper power tools then

Been doing a bit more of the potting table put the legs on and support frame around the bottom area and got help from my dad with the shelf area -  still need to put the frame around the top edge