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Hello all

Here is an update of my pallet projects this is for a strawberry raised planter

Started like this below I had already took off the blocks and the back planks few days before


This is one bit cut off I divided it up into 3 pieces to get front, back and two sides


Here it is laid out when I finished cutting up the three sections  

With the sides cut to size 

This is it put together, I sawed up a plank and a half - down the middle in half to attach to the bottom to make sure the planter has more supported

I am going to paint it some when - the rain is stopping that

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Impressive GG. What are you lining it with?

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Here is a cold frame made from pallet planks and an old over bath shower door.



That is a very good cold frame


Like your planter must have an electric saw to make cuts like that  and the cold frame No expert is fab. 

Haven't got pics but I've made a fence at the bottom of the plot, some raised beds and I've some really rough pallets for a compost area. I've started on a two seater seat too with a half pallet but that's a project in progress...

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Here finally is the storage box with handles and latch.

 Should keep all sort of gear safe and dry. Next project is a garden table to go with the bench, don't hold your breath.


OMG  'No Expert' my bum! That box looks amazing  Would never guess in a million years it was made of pallets!

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Thanks Panda. It's amazing what a lash of woodstain can do to a pallet.


No expert, did you have to plane the wood first to get that wonderful finish?

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The pallets were clean and I gave them a heavy sanding, then 2 coats of Ronseal fence life.

Hello all

No expert I am lining it with a mini grow bed lining bag

Zoomer44 - just a hand saw all measured and then maths - marked all out with metre stick and pencil where I was going to cut, stood it upwards leant against trestles and sawed down the pallet was a bit tricky to do but got there

I have painted my strawberry planter maple leaf green Cuprinol garden shades

Today I have been sorting out a bench nailing together and sanding it down


Ooh, can we see it painted?

I have pallets. I am overly excited. I will have a compost bin by the end of tomorrow or I'm a Dutchman.

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Well have you got your clogs ready just in case?. Best of luck with the construction work.



Take pictures Lisa enjoy you pallet project

I will add photos tomorrow for you all to see have painted the bench too summer damson Cuprinol garden shades - I really like the garden shades adding so much colour to the garden

Hello all here is my pics 

From this a pallet


I took the planks off moved them next to each other and sawed it smaller


Left the blocks on, -  with all the blocks I have been collecting from other pallets

I decided to stack them make them into the legs

Sawed up some planks left over and used them to join the legs together with clamps and lots of nails put in, wanted all the blocks level at the front and back view of the bench

Nailed them together to the bench top which had the 1st block joined to the top so 6 blocks attached in six places

This is how it ended up looking then I sanded it down

Using the coarse sanding block in pic above. - that is the saw I have been using on all the pallet projects 

This is how it looks now painted Cuprinol garden shades summer damson,  I wanted to not paint the blocks so it still had a bit of the pallet look

In the picture is the strawberry planter painted maple leaf green still need to sort the liner out yet and buy the compost

star gaze lily

Looks great Gg  look forward to more pics of your handy work.

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Looks brilliant Gg. Had the same idea for the legs of the garden table i'm making.

Was thinking of making a 5/6 foot tall tool store suitable for use on an alottment.Just to see how it might look and might be of help to new alotmenteers what do you think?


Fab work Gg. Love the colours