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Thanks both, and this weekend I'm going to fill it, I may be some time.....

How are you intending to turn or empty it?

I'm going to build another one at the side of it and dig the full one out into the empty one.

My strawberry planter! They are growing better than anywhere else I've tried, and it's so compact yet holds so much. I wish I had done two!



Here's the other pallet thread for Sweet Pea and anyone else who wants to do a bit of DIY  

What a great strawberry planter you have Loganberry Hut

My raised bed strawberry planter is planted now.

Been meaning to upload pics of my pallet project compost bin

Here is on for you Edd thanks for idea

started as a pallet

with wider gaps

sawed up the size I wanted

added small bits of wood down the sides so that each part would stay together, made a frame and put into a box

used all the off cuts of wood from making this and from other pallet projects to fill the sides in - trying to make the bee hive look, nailed it together

Screwed all the box together with a bit of help with holding, made an extra rim to help the lid sit on something

started to make the roof of the box - only one piece of pallet wood was big enough for the triangle ends, so hard to saw with a hand saw  trying to get the right size and along the lines - I had drawn on. cut side bits of wood to join the triangles together

Cut up bit of left over fence planks for the roof

Here is the inside lined with compost bags cut up (black side) and nailed into place

Here it is in place and painted maple leaf green Cuprinol garden shades and the lid painted in stay new paint to keep clear paint to keep it looking like wood


That looks amazing Gg..  

Thanks Panda

will find pic of potting bench and add soon

How is anyones pallet projects going?

Been having a saw at the pallets today trying to sort out pallet bench with back and seating chair for GH potting table.


Ah. Gardengirl.

I was just thinking of you.

I promised to show you my project, some time ago. Actually it was ages ago and it sounds very similar to yours but i have just been too busy ( and over engineered the whole project ) 

Have you found the pallets with the rounded edges. They are a god send!

Mine was just a out door chair and bench  that looks like a sitting room chair and couch. but i have definitely over engineered it. but the frame work is all done and just needs the slats putting on when i can scrounge the nails!!!!



PS. Photo's are always good.

The compost area made from pallets is coming along, not quite finished yet though, as I didn't have any compost to put in it, it slipped down the list of things to do.


Do you have any pictures Zoomer? ... but I do have a  new camera with distructions as to how to load pictures onto my documents...and the chip from my old camera fits it......


Some pics of the new pallet slats that have rounded edges and are much smoother than the rough sawn slats. They are perfect for what i need but i have not seen many about. Also part of the seating project that i over engineered.

 I will fix a place for the planter at the back so i can have trailing plants cascading down.







That looks amazing Edd.  When it's finished you just need to make a small side table for your refreshment(s)

Edd that looks so impressive great going

I have just been skip rummaging as the woman let us and got a pallet and another pallet which is like a table

just vegin

 These modular planters and benches were made from pallets, just finished one have yet to plant it up. They can be arranged in a number of ways almost infinitely. Each planter holds approx 40L of compost. 


Clever idea just vegin - looks classy.

Look forward to seeing your table Gardengirl


Just a personal option on these things but please use wax and not stain (Jacobian wax is my fav colour at the moment) And sea green paint from Dove! But i have to save it up  I just think the colour fits anywhere. Even in my back yard. 

Please use wax or at-least stain and then wax. Remember to cut the wood open with a caustic spray, solution, to open the grain and allow the wax in.