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Gg I've only just seen your train planter photo. WOW 

Thanks KEF it did take a while to make, got different plants in it now violas and primroses and tulip bulbs and daff all got planted

star gaze lily

 Gg, saw this on tinternet......good one for next summer 

star gaze lily

I did notice that the swing wasn't far off the ground lol 

Thanks Star gaze lily

Don't have big trees in the garden - the only ones we have are over the pond be a bit wet if fell in, great idea thanks for putting it on here, If I made one of those seats I would keep it on the floor 




That looks so comfy but would bow in the middle if I sat on it! Loved reading through this thread, full of inspiration now 

Well hello all, has anyone been making things out of pallets recently?

I have been making my cold fame finally got so far back and front built sides getting there - going to be doing the slopes on the sides next


The things you make are really good GG, love to see the coldframe when you have finished it.

Those new pallets are very posh, are they the ones for the cold frame?

Looking forward to seeing the Station when the bulbs are up

Thanks Lyn

 A few of the new pallets maybe for the front garden on top of the wall want it to be higher up.  I am on a waiting list to get an allotment so some may go that way - still need to make the pallet bench with back for next to the pond 

The coldframe is being made from one of the other pallets that I took all the wood off, prob one of the ones near the begin of getting pallets - just took a while to get around to getting it built

Lots of bulbs still to be planted up the station and a few plants

Have daffs, tulips, alliums, irises in tyre planters and crocus  - new bulbs going to be planted English bluebells and corms crocosmia Lucifer donated from Woody , I will try and put pics on station thread when the bulbs appear  

I will put a few pics of cold frame when finished going to paint the inside today country cream colour

Lyn I have PM'd you

I have painted the coldframe now Cuprinol shades country cream on inside and a paint dad had for like a clear ish colour to keep the pallet wood effect sadolin paint

I am sitting in the living room as I have taken over with the cold frame being stunk out  - still the wood edge of the lid to paint to do tomorrow outside smelly paint 

Handle to sort out and hinges to attach with help on that bit and weed matting - then major task of carrying it down the garden and putting it in place

Woodgreen wonderboy

I hope you will give yourself a day off on Christmas day!!

You have earned it.

OK Woody did want to carry on with it but dad wanted it out so it has been took out of living room and put in garage at mo all painted now

Painted the lid frame today still drying outside

I am going to figure out how much I have spent on this - screws, wood on lid frame and some other bits 

Well I have brought it back indoors yesterday and got the weed matting attached to the bottom of the coldframe and now have the hinges on the lid

Only a few bits to go and it will be ready

Can't wait to see it Gg.

Got the handles on the coldframe today, few bits left and lots of pictures for you all to see  


Hello all Coldframe now outside and lots of pics for you

Here is how it looked to start with well it took two pallets to make this

This was back in March one of the first few pallets that I started to take apart, this is all the planks of wood from it

I just got side tracked and started on the pallet potting table a strawberry planter and a bench and some other bits   

Then it was time to start the coldframe, this is a pic of the back and front that I had put together, I pinched the thick planks from another pallet that I took apart   - 5 boards high for the back panel and 3 boards high for the front

Made some of it outside and some indoors   

This pic shows the main part of the coldframe put together, was tricky sawing the slopping bits of wood - hard for the saw to go a different way to what it does normally and to keep the plank still    

I attached the lid with two hinges on the back and the two handles to open it. Gave it a bit of paint Cuprinol country cream on inside and smelly clear ish Sadolin paint on the outside so I could keep the wood effect of the pallet look 

Here it is now outside in its place next to the plastic greenhouse, raspberry canes in the pots and peach tree behind  

The lid is a thick bit of Perspex that I had,  brought the bits of wood around the lid, with help got a slot cut along the wood with a router - I had a go very powerful machine which then the Perspex could be put into

I had to make the coldframe around the size of the lid

Bit of ventilation using the two bits of sawn off wood 

Here is the inside - I painted it country cream hope it will bounce light around my seedlings, filled with two bags of horticultural sand

This is the coldframe today I have put in my sweet pea seedlings in and I am trying to store my dahlia tubers so they are in the crate


Been looking for something to keep it open but can't find what the brought ones have to buy

Thanks Panda

don't understand why the last picture is so big