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I got some pallets and wondering what I can make - something for the garden need ideas, I am thinking of a bench maybe not sure how I would do it


What have you made out of pallets?


There was someone who posted on here some time ago who made a garden shed with pallets. I use them for storing big bales of hay on for my horses. My son has used them to make his compost heap.


I have acquired three pallets. I am going to make an insect hotel,when I have some time spare.


 decking . how about a living wall


Bug houses, compost bin, bird boxes,coldframe, raised beds all made with pallets.


Potting bench, staging for GH. 

 Part old arbour and some pallets. I didn't make it OH did.

No expert

Made my compost bins out of pallets.

Also made a garden bench out of a 9 board pallet. Take off the battom boards, leave on the big blocks of wood. Cut into 3 3 board sections and ressemble with the wooden block all meeting under the seat. Simple.

Thanks some great ideas, archiepem like the decking, KEF what a great potting bench may have a try of that, No expert do you have pics and Busy-Lizzie like the cold frame on that website 

Here is a picture of my pallets and I have 3 more now

Think it will be a bench a cold frame and maybe a garden table for seed sowing.

Lets just see if my DIY skills are up to making them all


Can't wait to see the finished results 

Mark 499

Be very careful if there is any staining on the pallets some are contaminated with extremely toxic chemicals also pallets marked with MB means they have been treated with Methyl Bromide, a very toxic insecticide.

I made a raised bed and two gates for the allotment yesterday out of 2 pallets and still have 6 left for a compost area.

Good look with the project Garden girl. You might find the hardest part is breaking up the pallets, they don't come apart easy but were there's a will, there's a way

No expert

Dismantling a pallet can be tricky. They are not meant to come apart easily. A nailbar and claw hammer are essential kit and a hacksaw is useful if the nails wont give.


hollie hock

Pallets are great gardengirl, I have a very handy oh who makes stuff out them all of time, including coldframes, beds, seats, made a 60ft + fence out of them in my old garden. As others have said the tough bit is getting them apart! Anything he makes always get the dark wood stain slapped over them and you can never tell what they were

Looking forward to seeing your creations!

Hello all oh ive been seeing alot are turning to pallets and making very good things ive seen a whole garden been transformed by pallets it was lovely and they said it was half the cost of what decking is they have all pots etc with lovely blooms but they said its low maintainence but be careful were you buy as these pallet companies charge alot as they have cottened on i just thought id mention this hope it helps there are some places that give them away but ive no idea who do but its just as good as decking ive even looked online too happy gardening everyone 

hollie hock

Hi gardengirl, just it give a go I would say. I'm not a great diyer but my partner is. I've seen the stuff that he has created, he can turn anything into anything!

He is very talented I think but when I ask him how do you know how to do that? He just says I had a go at it!

I do know that good tools are important but it's amazing what you can find in carboot sales, gumtree and freecycle.

Had a quick look at the vid for the bench, that guy has some very fancy tools, I wouldn't be put off by that. 



Well today I had a go at 1 pallet lots of hammering and bashing done using a hammer, crowbar, ear protectors,14lb sledge hammer and some bricks, took a while some bits a small split but good to use.  Most was done with the hammer and crowbar 2 planks came off like the stone drop method way but with the bricks and sledge hammer dropped on an extra piece of wood to keep the other wood ok underneath.

Well I made it one pallet all in bits of wood - dismantled, making a cold frame from this pallet and another pallet

Hand a bit sore even though wearing gloves

Will get the hang of it for the next pallet bit easier once one done and you know how to dismantle the pallet

Will add pictures another day