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I got some pallets and wondering what I can make - something for the garden need ideas, I am thinking of a bench maybe not sure how I would do it


What have you made out of pallets?


There was someone who posted on here some time ago who made a garden shed with pallets. I use them for storing big bales of hay on for my horses. My son has used them to make his compost heap.


I have acquired three pallets. I am going to make an insect hotel,when I have some time spare.


 decking . how about a living wall


Bug houses, compost bin, bird boxes,coldframe, raised beds all made with pallets.


Potting bench, staging for GH. 

 Part old arbour and some pallets. I didn't make it OH did.

No expert

Made my compost bins out of pallets.

Also made a garden bench out of a 9 board pallet. Take off the battom boards, leave on the big blocks of wood. Cut into 3 3 board sections and ressemble with the wooden block all meeting under the seat. Simple.

Thanks some great ideas, archiepem like the decking, KEF what a great potting bench may have a try of that, No expert do you have pics and Busy-Lizzie like the cold frame on that website 



Sorry i missed this.

How long have you got and what do you need???


Raised beds? Stand alone planters?  level or vertical, planters attached to base or wall? path ways/sheds/green houses/fencing/sculptures/ one off seating areas/ floating seats/ bespoke ponds/fake stumperies/ mushroom cultivation. How about a new green house???? and if nothing else you could always burn them and use them efficiently to heat your house and green house with rocket stoves???

The list is endless.

PM me and i will give inspiration that will blow you away (and save you a fortune)

The hardest part and most expensive (a bit) is separating the bits you need. You need the right tools and a lump of wood! Thats it.

Here is a picture of my pallets and I have 3 more now

Think it will be a bench a cold frame and maybe a garden table for seed sowing.

Lets just see if my DIY skills are up to making them all


Go for it girl. 

Remember to adjust them all to the same size,before you board and sand them all them off.

It makes for a better finish.

Good luck. 




Can't wait to see the finished results 

Mark 499

Be very careful if there is any staining on the pallets some are contaminated with extremely toxic chemicals also pallets marked with MB means they have been treated with Methyl Bromide, a very toxic insecticide.

I made a raised bed and two gates for the allotment yesterday out of 2 pallets and still have 6 left for a compost area.

Good look with the project Garden girl. You might find the hardest part is breaking up the pallets, they don't come apart easy but were there's a will, there's a way


No expert

Dismantling a pallet can be tricky. They are not meant to come apart easily. A nailbar and claw hammer are essential kit and a hacksaw is useful if the nails wont give.



Tell me more,  please. I am very concerned now. I know about pressure treating and the risk but things have changed.

Why does there have to be a down side to everything

It really gets to me, especially when you try so hard to avoid these things. 



There are lots and lots of quick ways to separate pallets on youtube. It all depends on what tools you have. They tend to use long spiral nails fired through a nail gun and they are difficult to get out. unless you know how


I must admit i have not see any marks ever! I have rejuvenated thousands of second hand and broken pallets back to the freight firms. So i will just be compounding the problem by putting them back in the system. I must admit i do know the difference between heat treated and pressure treated against the clear stain insecticide coated stuff, that they used to use. I am sure the EU took all the  harmful chemicals out when they banned the use of creosote and the wire worm compounds  back in the early 1980.