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just had a right bargain £19.99 for a 5ft phoenix canariensis palm a bit confused 

some sights say fully hardy evergreen and some say needs to be in a conservatory (.Not such a bargain if needs to be indoors.) it was stored outside when i bought it .....

can any one help please ?????


P. canariensis isn't normally hardy in can keep it outside in summer but  certainly needs winter protection in my experience.

You would be better off with C humilis - the European fan Palm - as that is much hardier in our climate.

Not much help to you I'm afraid as you've already made your purchase



thanks . hey-ho you live and learn as they say. If I wrap it in fleece during the winter will this help ? and put some sack cloth over it ?

Hiya jools

Canadiensis is a very vicious foliaged plant.....not really good for imdoors in that respect.   Too vicious outside too I think

It is hardy down here but not in most places.  

Can you return it?   If you have your receipt there should be no problem at all. 

Canadiensis is not a favourite of Phillippa I prefer Humilis or almost anything else come to that.  

You can fleece it but the foliage will rip it to shreds.......and you if you are not careful.

Depends where you are in the UK and what your winters are normally like.  These palms are happiest in dry and warm/hot climates.....hence the name. 

If you can't put it under cover then Fleece is usually the best bet but will of course let water in..........some won't matter but not the deluge we've suffered this winter particularly if it then freezes.  It is also a good idea if you protect the pot it is in (I'm assuming it is in a pot ? ) by wrapping it well in Bubble wrap (or bags of straw, crumpled paper.....anything which has a high insulation value ) . 

Depending how the winter is, you could also keep it in a frost free garage or shed if there is some natural light - i.e you don't HAVE to have a conservatory or greenhouse to overwinter and then put it outside as soon as feasible.

Failing all could always try taking it back and tell them you made an error when buying might work and is always worth a try.

As to living and are spot on............but don't give up



Phillippa is right that CIPD is hardy in parts of the UK, but you need super sharp drainage and few frost days in winter. It is not going to like being wrapped up for 6 months. I find large CIPD have been grown in nurseries in Spain and sent to the UK. They tend to do worse than homegrown/smaller palms IME.

£20 for a 5ft CIPD is about average. B&Q and Homebase sell those sizes for under £15, less during sales at end of year when they want to dump them.


We are in the Midlands winters normally not that bad if we have snow it only lasts a couple of days . No its in the garden now lol cause that was what I was told to do .

And yes it is a vicious thing as i have found out

 put it right up a corner out of reach. Well onwards and upwards we will see what happens thanks for your help this new project of a tropical area isn't going as planned  must stop impulse buying and do some more research.


Looks like our posts crossed.    Verdun is right about the vicious the fleece and you.  During these last storms, even my Citrus which just have single spines managed to make a good few holes in their fleece wrapping.

I guess it all depends on how fond of your new Palm you are and what you are prepared to suffer for it


Not such a bargain after all then 

Jools......If it's a tropical area you want to create, think about Phormiums and Cordylines as a base - loads to choose from and then go on from there


Hi Jools, as has been said, the key to keeping phoenix alive is really good drainage. Months sat in soggy soil will kill it. once the central new growth turns browns it's doesn't recover. 

Maybe you should get a trachycarpus fortunei, very tropical looking, way hardier than Phoenix.


Jools, you should dig it up and replace it in the pot it came in and return it.  Just say it was mis sold to you as a hardy plant, or it's simply not suitable.  I've never had a problem returning anything and ...if your receipt is will be a simple thing to do.

I agree with commemts made that there are lots of tropical looking plants that are far hardier and more pleasing.


there are rather fine specimens of canary island palms growing in the open in Soutsea. Google it and you can see them.


not clever enough to provide "links"



OH bought me one last year in Homebase,( almost 2m high) it's been in the unheated polytunnel all winter, but soon, it'll be planted into a half barrel and left outside. Not sure if it'll make it through next winter, only time will tell. That's gardening for you eh?



hostafan going to give it a go see what happens 


thanks bamboogie

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