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Shrinking Violet

We have finally moved (after about three years!)

The garden is very small - which will be fine in years to come, as my large, Somerset garden was becoming too much for my fast-ageing bones.

We have here  a large pampas grass.  It is next to the fence.  It is far too large for a small garden (and I don't like it anyway).  But how on earth do I get rid of it?  Is there an easy way?  I am currently inclined to find a local gardening heavyweight who can do the deed for me.  And at the same time dig out a couple of long-past-their-best conifers of unknown provenance.

All advice gratefully received!  Thanks in advance . . .


Find the gardening heavyweight. There's no easy way to get rid of pampas grass, just brute force I'm afraid.


A young lad or two with some muscles would do it for a few quid I expect. It won't need any gardening knowledge to get shot of it! Same with your conifers. Perhaps a neighbour might have an older  son with a mate who'd do it for you  

Shrinking Violet, get someone to do it for you.  Pampas can be difficult and their foliage is sharp so not nice on face and hands.  However, it wont be too long a job so get the other jobs done too.

then a clean plate . Perhaps the hewvyweights can deliver you a few bags of dried manure or mushroom compost too to replenish the soil there. 

meanwhile think about the beautiful plants you want there instead 

Shrinking Violet

Thank you for your wise advice - I think it's the muscle-bound heavyweight that will do the job!

Re the bags of manure etc Verdun - we are on the edge of Tiverton, next to a farm.  I reckon a few kind words in the right direction will help us enormously! 


I have a friend who will be bring over all my potted/split/saved plants from my own garden on Wednesday (lovely neighbour has been looking after them for a couple of weeks).  I have asked for (and received) about £200 worth of garden vouchers for new plants.  I am as excited as a kid at Christmas about the myriad possibilities - once the dreaded pampas/conifers are consigned to history,

Watch this space










Steve 309

Sounds like a great project, Violet, and I'm sure that's the right solutoin for the pampas grass.  It belongs on the pampas, or failing that, on the compost heap.

Ooooooo, all exciting stuff Shrinking Violet 

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