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During Monty's Tatton Park programme interview (26 July) reference was made to growing parsnips from seed on wet kitchen towel in a container. But neither my wife nor I could make out what kind of container. Despite rerunning that interview several times, we could make out the word. Can anyone help please?


i think the chap said tupperwaire but i think any plastic box with lid will be ok


Just be very careful, if you damage the tiny white root then the parsnip will either not grow or not make a decent root. When I did this, more years ago than I care to remember, I ended up cutting the tissue paper into pieces each with a germinated seed on it and planting the paper rather than trying to get the root out of the paper.

Any clean container will do, it is only to keep the paper in and damp.


You don't actually grow the parsnip seed in the container, only germinate the seed. I do this with sweet pea seeds.

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