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I planted a peony 3 years ago and it has never flowered. I believe if you plant too deep they never will.

Is it worth trying to move as led to believe they hardly ever survive or will it eventually flower?


It's a fallacy that you can't move paeonies. We  had a thread on this last year and lots of us had moved them with total success. 

It's true that they don't like being planted to deeply

Dordogne Damsel

My two did flower briefly, (one is a tree peony the other normal?) but now looking a bit sad, am I supposed to cut them back?


Don't know about tree peonies DD, but the usual ones just die back themselves so  perhaps it's just doing that as it's that time of year. Or does it look sad in some other way?


Tree paeonies don't need cutting back DD but you can prune them if they need it. I chop off lumps from time to time.


Thanks nutcutlet, how much do I leave on top?


Have you got a tree paeony or one of the herbaceous ones SL?

Hello , nutcutlet is right there was a question before about moving them and lots including myself have done so successfully 

best of luck 

Hi Nutcutlet sorry had laptop issues; its herbaceous one


They die back on they're own when their season finishes. You can pull or cut it all off then

Thanks fingers crossed for some great blooms next year - Many thanks

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