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Years ago, on UK Radio 4 I heard one of the panelists say 'We don't waste nothing in the garden'. Now I am working on a book about recycling in the garden and have an inkling this might have been Percy Thrower - can anyone out there confirm that it was just the kind of thing he might say so that I can attribute the quote? Many thanks in anticipation.


I don't know much about Percy Thrower but I would hope he wouldn't use a double negative in a sentence!


Same here and he was a bit chemical happy ad not necessarily into recycling or concerned about environmental sensibilities.


I doubt if the beeb would have employed someone who didn't talk proper in those days


Seem to have memories of reading my Fathers Percy Thrower book and writing up  a long list of chemicals to buy the next day....  ah the good old days.



I went to a talk by an old style fuchsia man recently. He started with chemicals, then there were more chemicals and then a bit about fuchsias. It was a different world to the one I inhabit. There's be no time for gardening with all the attention they need

I vaguely remember Percy but that was mostly because "Telly" was a new thing.  Am I right in thinking he used to do his gardening dressed in a shirt and tie ?  Very BBC

He was a Gardener of course but I seem to think that the Geoff Hamilton's were the ones who tried to come away from chemicals and zapping every living thing. 

In more recent times, we seem to have come full circle.......back to using chemicals (admittedly somewhat more sophisticated ) for knocking stuff off. I can well understand some of it but there do seem to be more chemical solutions offered as a quick fix rather than promoting good garden practice and the idea (horror of horrors ) that you do need to live alongside nature.

As for the Garden Makeovers..........well.........there have been comments enough on that subject I think

Well, that's my rant over and I never even knew poor old Percy 


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There's a clip on Youtube of Percy Thrower doing an interview on how great the introduction of colour television was for gardening programmes. He does sound pretty well spoken and not as if he would have been careless with his grammar!

Maybe Geoff Hamilton? He was very in to recycling and sustainability long before it was mainstream

Obviously i have heard of Percy Thrower, hence the username, he was the first shall we say tv gardener that i had seen, but alas i was more a blue-peter fan than a gardening fan in those days, i am in my forties now, but if my childhood memory serves me right he did garden on blue-peter at some stage didn't he? i seem to recall a sunken garden and being impressed as a kid...

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Double negatives really bug me, I can't imagine someone from back in those days on the BBC using a double negative, or saying 'so and so and ME' as they do now......I always say it should be 'I' and if someone uses a double negative I have to stop myself correcting them, unless it's my boys of course.......Can't to do nothing right!!!    Grrrrrrrrrr 


..perhaps more Clay Jones than Percy a guess...Welshman Jones was a bit more down to earth, so to speak...


I'm pleased to say that the only chemicals in my garden are plant feed  

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My son, who's a chemical engineer, recently sent me a link to an article complaining that the vilification of the word "chemical" was putting people off studying chemistry and pointing out that everything is made of chemicals - including compost, top soil and even the plants themselves....

I wonder if this came from Fred Loades  or one of the others on Gardeners Question time


SGardener.........yes, that is a very fair point..........."chemical" is immediately related to "bad" these days and most of us are guilty of not following through logically on that subect

Just thought I wonder if it was the wonderful Fred Streeter?   We have had some wonderful gardenersto help us, then of course there was Bill Sowerbutts


Yes excellent point SG...I should have emphasised 'man-made chemicals' such as weed killer,pesticide etc. Though numerous man-made chemicals are in fact very beneficial of course,including the medication I take 


Does anyone remember on a radio or tv prog, I cant quite remember, but someone was talking about laying lawn seeds, he said ' the secret of a good lay is a flat bottom' he then said,'woops,  you wont use that will you,' but they did!


But at the time Mike, he said it in all seriousness, I think it was a farming prog.