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I'm trying to find a supplier for a pericallis as this Photo

 But I can't seem to find it also while I'm asking my book says this plant is called

pericallis cv can any one tell me what the cv stands for because when I type the cv in after the pericallis my search comes up empty but if I just type in pericallis it adds Senetti which is just a trade mark/name



Dunno James - but where have you been? Not seen you post for a while 

Hope you've not been up to any mischief while we weren't looking 


Hi James

cv is cultivar. A cultivated variety of a plant.


Trouble is there are about 22 species of Pericallis.


Hello Fairygirl

Christmas day I fell down the stairs (not drunk) and pulled all the muscles in my back and trapped a nerve so sitting with the laptop and typing has been a no no until now I can't get to the office computer as my son has pinched that and called it his computer now (bless him)

Nut thank you for explaining what cv means

I started to sow some seeds this weekend in one of those jif prop seed trays first time I've used one as I don't really like them as I think they strangle the plants but I will cut down one side before I pot on



CluelessGardener wrote (see)

Hello Fairygirl

Christmas day I fell down the stairs (not drunk) 


That's what you say James.....

Seriously, hope you're ok now. Not funny when you do that sort of thing. A few of the others here have been in the wars recently too. Good to see you back 





I did it in the morning with washing in my hand and tripped over one of the dogs

I did need a drink after that just to kill the pain



Thank you sue I have had a look on the website however the nursery nearest to me is closed and when it opens it will be under new management so we will see




I hope you are feeling better, James. It will be a good job when we can all get back in the garden, its not safe in the house. ( Apart from Puncdoc, who fell off a ladder in the garden) Everyone is stir crazy.

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