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I bought some bare rooted phlox paniculata for 1 pound at lidl. Do I plants them now straight into the soil pot them up in the house or mini greenhouse? Thanks for any help.


about a couple of inches square not very


I think I'd put them into pots and into a cold-frame or well-ventilated mini-greenhouse and then plant them out when they've bulked up a bit.  

They don't need heat or anything like that, but just a bit of shelter and some good compost will make all the difference and give them a good start 


Thanks for the help will do.



If they're those plants sold in a box, they are usually dry as a chip, so first soak em in a bowl of water for a couple of hours. I think light rather than heat would get them going so I would put them outside.

Can you plant bare root phloxs in large pots, or should they go in the ground.

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