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 lunch in graegle with my friend susan. i always forget how wonderful her phlox are-sigh. been thinking about redoing the border by the front gate-perhaps its time for a phlox obsession. how are all of yours doing?

Havent got any! What a sin, soon to be remedied

Are there any that will take some shade?

 its sheer laziness that keeps me from having something like this at this time of year but next year will be different bekkie some of the ground cover phlox will do in shade but think the paniculata need full sun.

Im the same as you David, i want big blousy phlox and lots of them! , i intend to shamelessly copy a front garden by me which is full of phlox, roses, hemerocallis- you get the idea! One i was very taken with is called Davids lilac, do you know of any specialist growers?

Love my phlox - take no looking after at all and flower for ages. Here are some of mine this year ...


 Bekkie - not sure about specialist growers but hayloft do great deals on phlox (10 plants for £10 etc) - but you have to be prepared to grow them from bareroot.  They also take well from cuttings - can you beg some from your neighbour.  Do you have a GH?


Ive got a cutting coming from a very generous forum member - so excited , but i feel this could be the next "thing" that i just have to have and collect, yours and Davids pictures are so pretty

I have some very sheltered spots where i keep aloes outside, i can always cobble together a cold frame

Keep your eyes open. last year Hayloft Plants did an offer of 10 different Phlox for a very reasonable price. They may well repeat it.

We have about 15 different ones, but they have been decimated by molluscs this year, to the extent that some of them have completely gone.

They are also martyrs to mildew in  dry soil or very dry weather.

I think i may use them in a border around the veg, which have the south facing side of the garden, so the soil shouldnt be a problem, will have a look at hayloft

In my garden they only seem to do well in beds that are fairly moist They seem to sulk in dry areas. Mine cope well with a little shade.


Iv got a couple,one in full sun and one in partial shade and they both do well.   I use those circular stakes on them because they take a bit of a battering if the wind is the right direction.  Apart from that they need very little care. One of them is varigated and the flowers are white with a little purple/cerise eye.  I didnt really liked it until I moved it next to a purple (Oh senior moment cant think of the name upright plant, spiky flowers a bit like veronica) and a bright cerise salvia.  It looks really lovely and picks up the colours in the other plants.


Mine are good at the moment, are they easy to do from seed, I have been deading heading but could leave some on, and what about root division or is it just cuttings?. 

I have dark pink and white ones.

Where did you get your seed from Lyn, i couldnt see any

I had some hayloft phlox this year. When they hadn't arrived way past the due date , I emailed. They said they had been sent but would send again. They eventually arrived mid July , even though I said it was far too late, along with penstemon, that I had asked for money back, again far too late.  1 penstemon died 2 days later., but the rest are growing, but will not flower this year. Out of 12 bare root phlox, 5 have shown signs of life, they rest appear to be dead, and certainly none will flower this year. I am giving them the full 8 weeks I was told they might take to break dormancy, then I will be putting in another complaint.  The salvias I ordered at the same time(April), arrived in June and are doing really well.


Hope you posted on the good guys thread fidget.



Very unusual for Hayloft, their service is reckoned to be one of the best.

The Phlox I got were from an offer in Saga Magazine. They came as dried roots, but when soaked overnight and potted up, they grew away. For the price I paid I could not complain about what I got.


They are definitely running to seed Bekkie, shall we keep some when ripe and have a go. There is not much cutting material yet, but I will keep an eye on them, phlox for next year?

Dark pink, light pink and white.

Ooo, yes please Lyn, looks like phlox will be my next big thing!

I have to say that I have never seen seeds on Phlox paniculata, in  any of our gardens in the last 45 years. Be interesting to see if they DO set seed. Obviously they must or there would be no new varieties, but possibly not in British conditions.

Please keep us informed of progress and germination rates.

the more or less original ones-bright eyes, davidii and  that pinky purply magenta one seed around and about but the hybrids one would like seem not to. for a few years davidii were a curse comparable to asters but have now been replaced by leucanthemum as worst offenders. does anyone have any thoughts on why plants go through cycles of exuberant seeding then fade and sometimes stop. at various times ive been overwhelmed with centranthus, echinacea, asters, leucanthemum and phlox-then suddenly its hard to find a seedling.