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Busy Bee2

I am feeling very smug because I have actually done what I curse myself for forgetting to do every autumn.  I have taken pictures of the tulips.  This means I can work out where all the spare spaces in the beds are come the autumn if I want to plant some more.  (Obviously we are lucky here that we don't have to dig them up because the soil drains so well - they seem, if anything, to get more numerous every year so I suppose they  must divide).  And while I am at it, I will share a couple of them, and it will become clear that there is no colour co-ordination going on, they just pop up like lollipops, and I buy what I fancy. 



star gaze lily

What a lovely garden Busy bee, love the roofed pergola and walled bed  pretty colours too. What a great idea for remembering where the bulbs are


Wow! That is a beautiful garden, if i put tulips out in the open ground, i never see them again. You have every right to feel smug.

Busy Bee2

Thanks guys!  The raised beds are a necessity because beneath the gravel is two foot of iron ore .  Was interested in Monty's dry beds on GW, because he is gardening on tarmac and stone, and so very similar, plus the soil here is sandy and free draining.


Busy Bee2 said about tulips:

"and it will become clear that there is no colour co-ordination going on, they just pop up like lollipops, and I buy what I fancy. "

Thats more or less what happened here BB2 - bought about 7 varieties on offer and put them in (6" deep at least) grouped in colour batches in November. Had no idea how their colours would harmonise. Pleased to say the effect was a totally exhilarating surprise:


I too found last year I was struggling to know what what was growing from previous years so I went round the whole garden methodically photographing everything in bloom. I've found my iPad automatically records the date of each weekly batch of photos, which is useful to help predict what might come up,again next year, and when.





 I plant my tulips using the lasagne method. There are hyacinths and crocuses mixed in too. These have been appreciated more this year as my wife was seriously ill and every time she looked out of the kitchen window it cheered her up.

I place tender perennials and annuals in the pots afterwards. November is busy but it is worth it.

I like your lasagne effect Cotty

, great idea!  A plan for next year.



Birdie your tulips are  stunning,  I particularly like the double yellow with the dark  T. Queen on the night (?).


By the by, read that planting tulips 10" allows for planting over with annuals later.



I have attempted MD's jewel garden  for a border this year BB2 so it is good to see such colour combinations actualy growing on this thread, as it were!



Thanks for these photos  


BB2, what a lovely garden

No idea why the message extended itself   this tablet has a will of its own     time to recharge our batteries!


BB2, sorry I forgot to say how beautiful your garden is. not just the structure and colours of your planting but also the overall landscaping: the low stone wall is a particularly effective and attractive feature. Nice to sit on the edge on a summer's evening I should imagine.

Cotty: great collection of tulips! Looks like Giuseppe Verdi in the foreground(?)

I think I recognise Queen of the Night towards the back, but what are the lighter mauve/lilac ones next to them, please?

BizzieB: the yellow tupils are Monte Carlo and, yes, the dark ones are Queen of the Night. Thankyou, by the way, for the 10" depth advice: I will follow that next time. 

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