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Has anyone grown red phygelius? I don't know which variety mine is, but it's gone mad and taken over half the bed smothering other plants. Just dug up lots but it's roots have gone sideways and through other plant's roots, including through my lovely eremurus. The stems tend to snap off and the roots were quite hard to dig up. I should have tried to control it earlier, but it did most of the growth when it started raining in September, was still flowering earlier this month. Anyone else have this problem? Are all varities like that? It's pretty and flowers for a long time, but I would like a better behaved one.

Oops! Posted a comment on hello, I mean hello FORKERS ...about this 


It doesn't grow well for me. It always looks a bit sick. But it still manages to invade in all directions. I get all the roots and none of the beauty


Thank you 4th Panda, kind of you. Managed to get here and have a box to write in! Opinion seems to be, so far, that it is invasive! Think I'll dig it up. May put a bit in a pot, as was suggested in Hello Forkers.


I grow one in a pot, where it thrives, and produces lots of flowers over a long period, and, causes no problems.


I've just dug one out. As you said it spreads all over and I had very few flowers. maybe you should try punkdocs method and confine it to a pot. Some plants prefer to have their roots constricted.

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