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HI - my first post on here ( EKK) - i have been lucky to get hold of some very well looked after Pidgeon & Dove Poo ( from a very good breeder ) any help about using the stuff would be greatfull 


Hi Gail  I would incorporate into a compost heap - it will work as an activator - keep the droppings damp to avoid them turning into dust and wear a mask when handling - bird droppings of all sorts can cause respiratory problems.



Be very careful as pigeons can transmit a numbr of diseases such as psitacossis which is not nice.


"psitacossis "

That's what I was trying to remember  - I know I said I would incorporate it into a compost heap, but that's only if I had to use it - on balance I would rather not. 

the Poo is very wet aleady and decomsed too (and i have heard of that horrid disease too )- love your name Dovefromabove  !!!!! i thought i could put the already mushy poo straight on to the allotment ( they man who gave me it is a prize winner in dove and pidgeon breeding and he just puts its straight on his allotment ???/



It will be very high in nitrogen, so if you put it straight onto the soil at this time of year, nitrogen being soluble will wash out with the winter rains.  

I'd mix it into your compost heap - it will act as an activator, . and then when the compost is made you'll have a well-balanced soil conditioner to add to your veg patch in the spring.  

excellent thanks for the help !!!!!!!!!


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