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Does anyone know if this is an edible plant or poisonous?  My mum always told me it was unsafe to pick as a child and I have carried on thinking this, as you do! Now I have been told it makes a lovely cordial!  I am a little confused as to its safety?

The same goes for a hedgerow plant she called mother die?  It looks very much like meadowsweet to me!  

Anybody heard these things before? :-/

Thank you


I know pineapple weed, Matricaria discoidea, that's not poisonous. 

never heard of mother die but it sounds terminal


I'm glad I rely on the binomial system

There must be a dozen plants with the same name there pansy


Mothers beware! if one doesn't get you, the others might.


Mother-die is usually cow parsley, Anthriscus sylvestris. Like most umbellifers, I wouldn't eat it!

Pineapple weed is related to Chamomile and can be eaten, there are quite a few recipes out there.


Out there is far enough


Yes I am from Yorkshire, Pansyface thank you for the link it explains it really well.

There are so many folklore stories associated with hedgerow flowers, its understandable how as children we took them so litteraly!

I spoke to my Mum about them again this afternoon and she is convinced they are poisonous  no amount of explaining would change her mind! I suppose at 86 she is unlikely to be swayed  I owe my love of gardening to her, bless her. 


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