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Good evening I have got 200 pinks which is growing nicely in my green house do I plant them out next spring or should I risk putting them out this autumn to grow on in the winter months the pinks was only sown four weeks ago they are all in three inch pots now  

Hiya raymond

No, I wouldn't plant them out this autumn.  

I wouldn't keep them in the greenhouse now....far better outside


What kind of Pinks?


Hi berghill, the pinks I,am growing is the hardy type cottage pinks where they last for about three years in your garden and then they run out of steam 

Morning raymond

I grew a fairly large bed of pinks once and the scent from them was wonderful.  Love the foliage colour too.  I agree it's wise to renew every 3 years.  Still grow quite a number of them but as individuals dotted about and some of them are absolute stunners. Although totally hardy I would overwinter such young plants......even under a sheet of glass or against a sheltered wall if you dont want to use your greenhouse



Certainly would get them out of a greenhouse at the earliest opportunity. I find they do better where the air can circulate around them.

I think I would wait until Spring to put them in their final positions though as said already.

Though having said that there are dozens of self seeded ones in our gravel garden which have only just appeared and they will be out all winter.



I'd agree with Verd and Berghill, Raymond. They're much better in the open air but a bit of protection in winter from heavy rain will benefit young plants, even if it's against a wall. I have a big pot next to a seat - great scent. 

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