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12/06/2014 at 16:19


I've lost the label of this one- white huge round pompom, sturdy flowers, not quite a ball but not far off- 4 inches across.  The photo was taken today, and the flower is fading.

It is about 5ft tall and about 4 years old- when should I prune it? has been flowering May until now.       



12/06/2014 at 19:14

Hi dizzylizzy. I think it may be Arctic Queen which has quite a long flowering season. Does it flower most of the summer as well? If it is, it only needs light pruning in late winter/early spring - just a tidy up. A good feed - Blood, Fish and bone is ideal - at the same time will keep it happy, and make sure it doesn't go short of water in hot spells as it's against a wall. You can use something like diluted tomato food when you water, now and again through the summer. 

If you look on one of the specialist Clematis sites like Taylor's you can see if it matches the pix on there.

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