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Gid Joiner

 Hi folks, I'm sure i knowthe name of this plant but can't find it anywhere, please put me out of my misery 


Looks like purple loosestrife, growing in the right place for it as well, by water

Gid Joiner

Thanks,got to admit i was thinking something else but now know my thinking was wrong,  just as well i  looked back at this as i don't seem to get emailed ,


Hi Gid Joiner

There've been a few technical issues with the forum, which are getting sorted but these things take time .... we are all being patient   I find the 'My Posts' under my username and log-in a useful way to check on any replies 

Hi Gid it seems loads of us dont get the emails im another


Gid Joiner

Hi Dove that's what i do too, did think it was my fault or this crappy old pc but I'll wait n see what happens, it's no problem as i look in fairly often Thanks all 

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