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Pic was taken in June Flowerchild. it could be a scilla of some sort though.


Lion S

Ah, I missed that Nutcutlet, thanks for letting me know. I'll have another look in the book then.

Lion S

Could be Scilla litardierei, in that case. According to Anna Pavord it flowers in late April and since we've had such a cold Spring it could well be that it flowered later than it normally does or should do.

I think they're lovely and having seen these, I'm going to order some for my own garden, as well as the Prospero ( love the name). Thanks for showing them, Norman D!


Just googled S. litardierei and it looks a strong contender.


It does indeed.

NormanD Could you take a close up picture of the open flowers at the top?


Thanks All

Too busy to respond yesterday.  Googling the Scilla, I feel it has a more dense inflorescence than my plant.  Addict, I am coming round to your earlier idea of a camassia, although an American webpage described scilloides as having 3 ft flower spikes, which is more than twice the size of mine.  Sorry you'll need to wait till next year for a more detailed pic.

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