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Does anyone know the name of this flowering shrub shrub  please?


Could it be a form of Datura?

Thank you for the suggestion, I  will check it out, I have been trying to identify it for weeks.



I've seen datura/brugmansia with blooms yellow at the top changing to red, but not the other way around - that doesn't mean that they don't exist.  But the leaves look a bit too thick and leathery/glossy to me - more like a camellia leaf 

Ive just checked and dont think it is a datura but thank you for responding.



definately not a Brugmansia. the first name I thought of was Cuphea but it's not that.

I've come across it before and can't remember the name

It started to flower about six weeks ago and is still producing buds. It is evergreen as there are no signs of the leaves dropping or changing colour. I must admit it is quite a mystery, I bought it at a flower show in Suffolk but lost the label in transit. When the buds appear they look like small acorns.

Thank you for the responses so far


Correa backhousiana x reflexa   "marions marvel"

An Australian plant suitable for conservatory. needs winter protection.

Thank you, it is still outside so I will make sure I put it in the conservatory 


Check for scale insects before you bring it indoors. If there are any, they will increase rapidly in a conservatory. Then put it out again for summer (basically treat it like a lemon tree.)

This is the plant I mentioned in a thread few weeks back.  I plan to get from from burncoose nurseries but as yet not had opportunity.  

Prob picking up this weekend


Its probably ok outside in Verdunland. It supposedly will stand a degree or two of frost. Thats not hardy in this neck of the woods, but neither are cannas. I  have seen great masses of them(cannas) as permanent planting in Penzance.

The Correa is very beautiful, Verdun. I have seen them in West Australian gardens.

Thanks Verdun for the advice re scale insects, I will check it carefully before brining it in tomorrow. Im really glad I found and joined this forum today, its a great way of communicating with other plant lovers and gaining great tips and advice.

Chrissy the gardener

The plant is definitely a Correa,I work in plant identification at a garden nursery and we grow it and sell it. We are in Devon and it needs no outside protection here.


Windsong, I'm so glad that wiser heads prevailed as Datura is pretty poisonous. Your plant is lovely and I think I'll get one for the conservatory


Artjak...Im also glad its not a Datura or it would have had to go or be fenced in to stop little fingers getting to it. Ive looked it up now and am going to try to take some cuttings when the time is right. Its a lovely plant for some winter colour.

I think I agree with you Crissy the gardener, its been outside till now and weve had a few frosts and icy evenings and it doesnt appear to be affected so I have just moved it to a more sheltered spot and will keep an eye on it.


If you get cuttings to root, you could try some outside in sheltered positions. I don't mind risking cuttings when I know I still have the parent as back up. Agave americana variegata is supposedly hardy to minus 5, but every one I have left out has turned to mush by March.

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