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A group of us stayed in an ild farm house 50 mins North of Avignon. These are some of the things I saw;

 Pomegranites growing, I had not seen that before.

 Flower I didn't recognise.

 An olive grove next to the house.

We also saw the grapes being mechanically harvested for wine, a very clever machine!


 One photo I missed; there was a chestnut tree being attacked by a moth (I think) and last year it lost it's leaves completely quite early, so the owners have hung several of these containers around containing a pheromone (?) which will stop the cycle of moths and caterpillers.


Hi artjak. It looks beautiful there


The olive grove's looks gorgeous artjak. 

That second plant is interesting. Bit like the flowers on ivy. 


Great pictures Artjak.  The Pomegranite tree is beautiful.  Were they very short sturdy branches to hold the weight of the fruit ? 

Love the tranquility of the Olive grove And that spectacular flower.  Womder what it is ?  



The yellow one looks like Bupleurum fruticosum


Yes Nut it is that! Very good for flower arranging, but a bit big for my gardenRunnyB, I didn't notice that the branches were that short, but they must have been strong. The olive grove was very magical with a misty feel to it.

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