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I would like to send a friend a Ruby Anniversary Plant.  She lives in Tintagel and I don't know what plants to consider.  I don't know what type of soil she is likely to have.

Any suggestions please.

Hey Jude......sorry, could t resist that

Im a Cornishman living in Cornwall although quite a bit further west than tintagel.  And it's a lot milder here too so what would grow here may not grow there.

Do you know what sort of plants she likes?  Does her garden sit high....I.e. is it windy, exposed?  Or is it sheltered?  What plants does she already grow?  I think it may be acid soil there too.

If soil is reasonably moist astrantia ruby wedding or ruby star is a nice choice if you want to give her something directly related to her anniversary.

Can you give any more info?

I'm affraid I'm low in information, although I know she overlooks the sea and said how windy it had been.  She does have garden to the rear of the house, which I assume is more sheltered.

Then I would look to maritime or coastal plants

It should be mild there too albeit windy.

How about a potted aeonium Schwarzkopf?  Purple black exotic succulent leaves.  In a terracotta pot it would look superb.  For me it's hardy through the winter but you could take it indoors during cold months or fleece it then.

Phormiums a range of colours.  

Rosemary?  Some nice deep blue varieties out there both upright and prostrate

Thanks for the ideas.

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