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I can't see that as I think it's from i player which I can't get as I live in France, but the brief picture I saw of Monty Don holding a plant support looked exactly like the support I've been making for years at a fraction of the price you buy in the garden centres.

Buy a length of thin steel from a DIY place. Bend it round a tree. Put a plank across it on the ground where the round end joins the two long legs. Stand on the plank to hold it stable and pull the 2 long legs up. One plant support!


I feel so incredibly dense   I spent a small fortune on several dozen of this kind of plant support this year - and would have done the same next year if not for this post - and it never once occured to me to make them myself, despite working for a company that has a huge warehouse full of steel out the back.  I just watched the video, ran to the shopfloor, explained what I wanted and am currently having 50 lengths of stainless steel cut to size and bent into shape at a cost of 40p each.  Doh!



Would I be able to buy say 20 rods from you

Pleas PM me I would collect



Brilliant idea! The ones in shops are pretty expensive.


Thanks for posting that James. Brilliant, cheap and easy to do. Up until now I have either used what my customers have or have used willow sticks, hazel or dogwood. All bendy enough but obviously not lasting more than a season.

Sorry no pics, no camera 

flowering rose

I use the sticks from the prunings of my dogwood they are very bendy.

I use my own homemade metal cloche supports which are then used as plant supports in the summer.  Incidentally, I make my own cloches too.  Just buy corrugated plastic sheets.  Cheap but not nasty.  They look good too.  

Hi everyone, I'm very interested in the plant support chat. Can you tell me please how thick the steel needs to be to give good support to foxgloves and delphiniums. Will somewhere like BQ sell it do you think?  


Bamboo canes are still the best support for foxgloves and delphiniums.  

I went to my local steel fabricators for metal supports.  Ask at B & Q or hardware shops

Thanks for that Verdun. Many of my delphiniums were 7ft this year, and the plants are huge at the base now. I find bamboo is difficult to get in straight. Will look for steel fabricators in the telephone book. A great idea to make our own, thank you again 

What do i ask for at the DIY place to make the plant supports, is it steel wire or?? Don't know what to say to the assistant, please help????


I would never throw any of my gardening books out!

I am sure plenty of people on here can think for themselves and keep their books.

Any news of Clueless....James?  Enjoyed his contributions. ,hope he is ok 



His last post was in May. He has a heart condition, hope he's OK. That's one trouble with forums, when people aren't OK you don't know what happened.


Krissy - you'll do better at abuilders' merchants than a DIY store.  You need th emetal wires they use for reinforcing concrete.  It comes in several thicknesses.  I find 5mm works well as it's flexible enough for me to bend round an old railway sleeper.

You'll also need some wire cutters to get the lengths you need.  Here it's sold in 5 metre lengths which give me two plant supports each by the time I've bent them to a shape and height which supports big plants like echinops and giant scabious and the taller heleniums.

Susan Porter wrote (see)

Well said Lyn.

I really cannot abide the arragance of that man,he does nothing to endear himself at all. Right down to the full size look at me portrait.


Bloomin 'eck - that's a bit harsh, Lyn.    We all have our faults. 



Too true Jennifer. We usually learn from them though. Dont we?