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Hubby and I have bought a lovely Olive tree (Europa) we are hoping to plant it this weekend (its about 9ft tall) we have tried to choose a sheltered sunny spot and Ive got some bonemeal to put in the hole before planting. I was just wondering if anyone had any further words of wisdome before we do the deed?

All suggestions greatfully welcomed!!

I was also planning on wrapping the folliage in Fleece before the frosts set in!

star gaze lily

Hi Carol, I bought an olive tree a few wks ago and put a thread on here, was advised to bring inside during the winter months and wrap the pot in bubble wrap. Mines about 6ft including pot so is smaller than yours so perhaps you are unable to bring it in. You may be able to find my thread as there was a lot of helpful advice. They are really lovely aren't they good luck with yours and enjoy.

star gaze lily

Here's the other one supergran. Both are very helpful. I've since bought a new one and its doing fine.

Sorry Matty meant to tell you. Its doing finein my conservatory at the moment. Its bigger than the poorly one I took back and a better shape too. Got it from a different gc, they were much more helpful too.  


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