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Beverley Calverley

My Lavender plants - grown from plugs from Gardeners World earlier this year - are between 2 - 4 inches and still in individual pots?  Would they be ready to plant out and  leave out over winter?  


I grew them like that last year - they were fine planted out about now and left out over winter.  Got a great set of flowers from them this year


As long as the soil and aspect they're going into is right  I'd say they'd be ok, but if you're concerned about them at all, pot them on and leave them till spring when they'll be bigger and stronger. 


I think it depends on what sort of winter we're going to have - if they had to sit under 2 ft of snow for nearly 3 months, which is what last winter was like in this garden, I'd be happier keeping them in posts of well-draining gritty compost in a cold frame and putting them out in the spring.  

Problem is we don't know what sort of winter we're going to get 

Personally, unless I was gardening on very light soil in a sunny spot I'd play safe.

Beverley, resist.  Hold them back until the spring.  You will have bigger, better plants to put out.  Your plants....between 2 and 4".....will be "lost" in your garden over winter, will simply be stagnating in cold wet soil.  For me, it's a no brainer


I agree with leaving them until spring.  They dont like wet feet so they will be easier to nurture over winter in pots with good drainage.


A quick question for those who brought plug plants last year. Could anyone tell me how big theirs are now? I'm wondering if mine (brought this year) will be too bring come June 2016 to use as table decorations? 

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