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 The lower two are things I've grown myself but not labelled!


Number 3 looks like a Grevillea, an Australian tree used a spot plant in summer bedding. Number 2 looks like a variegated clover, if such a plant exists? I think for number 1 you need a wild flower expert, try that forum. 

Don't think the first one is a wild flower, at least not one I've seen. The second one is Oxalis tetraphylla.


@Invicta, the top has come into our garden via the neighbours who do nothing to their garden, and it's climbed into our hedge,

number two landgirl has got on the head, number three isn't anything australian. It's not dissimilar to a marigold, but has had no flowers thus far like the marigolds, and I'm wondering whether it could be a Zinnia, which I grew, but the majority died. I have two of these mysterious plants, which just keep growing and growing!


 Not sure if this is a clearer photo of number 1?



What type of plant is it, shrub, herbaceous, a clumper, spreader by underground roots.

Any additional info would help, scent from flowers or leaves, evergreen or dies back in winter.



Appears to be a spreader? Very popular with bees, and has climbed a hedge about 8 feet? Very tiny flowers about 2-3cm in diameter...

Dies back in winter I suppose? I've only been in this house for a few months and it has only made an appearance in the past month alongside this rose...

 The rose and this plant have climbed around a forsythia hedge... but the mystery plant has spread across the ground also.


I think that might be one of the jasmines,



That would be my guess

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