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Hi Am again being sorely tempted by a plug plant offer (perennials) but don't have a greenhouse available only raised beds or cloches on an allotment. Could I use raised beds for 'potting on' if sheltered with cloches overwinter ? For most or only certain perennials? Thanks
Whoops, not quite awake yet and posted twice........

The plugs are tiny, will need growing on in small pots, then you could plant out in autumn and cloche them against the worst of the winter.

If you can get your hands on polystyrene boxes, large ones, the type that medicines are delivered to the chemist in, they make wonderful cold frames, just cover with a clear bin bag, piece of glass etc
But i grew that sort of thing at the allotment without much trouble as long as the plants arent tender, perennials should be fine
Thanks Bekkie, that's a good idea now why didn't I think of that before I threw out some polystyrene packaging a few weeks ago......

But will source some and give that a try x


Even better - thank you x

Not sure you will need too much protection at this time of year ChrissieB

I would get plugs into 9 cm pots ASAP and then cover with fleece.  It will keep slugs at bay and afford good protection.  When they are growing well in their bigger pots remove fleece and don't over fuss them.  There's still 3 months of good growing weather yet

Thanks Verdun, I can do that now whilst I source some polystyrene for winter.
Orchid Lady

Bear I mind though that if it's this months offer they are being sent out in August (I think that what I read) and realistically if it's anything like last time it may well be nearer the end of September which may only give you a month-6 weeks growing time.

I bought the perennials last time as plugs and they are growing brilliantly (I think it was May when I got mine) some even have flowers, although they are now desperate to be repotted so that's this weekend'd job.  

Well worth it for £5.95 but still try and get some polystyrene boxes as recommended by Bekkie.

No, will bear that in mind OL. Will probably resist this one unless I manage to track down some polystyrene in time. Have saved some bubble wrap though from a delivery today, as that would be useful insulation for a DIY cold frame.

Thanks for all the ideas everyone x

Plugs of perennials not for me.  ESP those variety bumper packs.  Always better to buy plants you,really want and for flowering now. 


The deep polystyrene fish boxes that salmon get delivered to the supermarkets make an ad hoc cold frame with a sheet of glass or plastic over.

 The chemist type ones are good for keeping a couple of cans cold in the car, or getting ice lollies home from the supermarket.

Orchid Lady

I am on a really strict budget Verdun which probably for the next year will involve very few plants so the more offers and even better freebies I can get the bette.  All plants on my wish list will end to come from Christmas and birthday money/vouchers.  This free offer does include Geums though which I want more of and they are yellow, will go great with Totally Tangerine and Mrs Bradshaw 

Chrissie, saw some cold frames reduced in Dobbies today, I had to resist temptation though and will be making my own from bubble wrap and pallets 

Ooooh might luck at those, thanks, although am on a budget too x


If you know any one who works at a hospital, they can get the big poly boxes fron the pharmacy, thats where mom got mine from, im sure the fish boxes are the same tho

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