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I cannot afford a greenhouse, so am thinking of buying a polytunnel. Put off by seeing covers go green and horrible after only 2yrs in peopl'es gardens. Can anyone tell me if any companies sell replacement covers?? All the ads give guarantees of up to 5 years on structure and up to 5 seasons for cover. Don't want to have to buy another complete tunnel.

You can get a 5ft polytunnel for a £1 at poundland. At that price you may as well buy new and save yourself the hassle. It's hugely cheaper than buying replacement covers and even if they last only one season it's a great deal.


Dave, I think biofreak is talking about walk-in polytunnels.  It's unfortunate that both things are commonly referred to by the same name.

Biofreak (and anyone else contemplating buying one), check that replacement covers are available before you buy a particular brand of polytunnel.  However, there's a fair chance that a cover for a different make of the same tunnel size will fit reasonably well but no guarantee.

That looks impressive! And - I'd love to get a Polytunnel for £1 in Poundland - But yes, I would like to walk in and around it! When I have asked about replacement covers, general response has been negative or cagey. Websites from Ed look promising though. Thanks for info

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