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Pond/water feature advice

I'm building a small water feature and am thinking ahead, whilst waiting on the pump and bits, I've thought of an issue!

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 I'm building the dog bed pond and have thought of an issue.

I'm wondering if anyone can advise me on this question, I think the pump I've bought is a little too powerful 1400 Litres per hour. I have an inline flow rate valve but I'm just worried it'll stress the pump out, what with the water backing up.

Am I worrying needlessly? This is my first water feature.

Thanks in advance.


Hi James

Technical questions are beyond me sorry

But I've PMd you re the snowdrops

I think you should post a link to your blog, 


It should be ok if its a centrifugal pump as they will run against a dead head, if you are worried you could run a bypass line from the discharge back to the reservoir/sump.



Hi scroggin........thanks for the help, I'll check out the specs of the pump

is 1400 L/H a lot of movement of water?

I did see something on youtube about these valves helping to back up water so that it could be directed to higher places, for instance the water will go to the lowest point but this chap I watched installed a ball valve and was able to back up the water enough to feed a higher water fall first!


I'll do some homework on the pump and just have a fiddle, it may be the perfect pressure without needing the valve but will see.


It depends what kind of water feature you want, but better to have too much capacity than not enough. With the aid of a few fittings you should be able to get it just right

Go to a reputable water garden centre and they should be able to supply what you need.


 I need not have worried the pressure is spot on, perfect in fact!

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