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Miaow!!  well that was my first and last forum entry!!  happy gardening


Hi Mary, please don't be put off, can understand why you were a bit perplexed when what you thought was GW was much inferior.  Glad it all got sorted.

They're really very nice on here, and very helpful with great gardening advice.  Do give it another go...

Thank you Lindsay, that's really nice of you.  I'm a bit of an internet virgin and was perplexed why people would bother to reply with strange emoticons that offend, if that isn't too strong a word.  As my old Dad used to say.... if you can't say something nice , then say nowt!.... but then perhaps that is advice I should have heeded when I posted my views in the first place but my concern re the mag was for others, not just me.  Anyway, enough!  I have turned it into a saga, and I can see how nice people are from the threads....  and your reply is just lovely. It's made my day as some of the other replies quite flattened me. Too sensitive! Thank you very much.

The potty gardener

Mary- I can only repeat what Lindsay said. Everyone on here is really lovely. You will find if you read through the many posts that quite a lot of us use this forum as a gardening family and often pull each others leg.We are always pleased to see posts from new people

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