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Hello to anyone in north Cornwall. Cornish planters in my village normally plant on the 14th Feb.Is anyone else waiting until later in the month to plant earlies

I'm in Lancashire and don't plant till the last forcast frost, sometimes that can be late March beginning of April time. 


Traditional round here to plant at Easter - but given that Easter moves about I think most sensible people are guided by the weather as well 

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Jad1 wish I had your sunny climbs. No early spuds here till mid March at the earliest and then covering with a cloch or fleece for most of April. Got heavy frost on first Saturday in May in 2012.


Ooh! I might try some in the g/house, in a potato bag. Nothing ventured; nothing gained. Thank you jad1 for inspiring me.


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I'm jealous of you early starters only started chitting last week. Garden saturated again today. Will this rain ever stop!

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