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Whenever I walk down a certain road in the town I see a perfect lawn.  It is obviously cared for by someone who has learned their craft very well - It's better than the bowling green.  However I have never seen anyone working there or I would comment - like I did with the lady with beautiful hanging baskets the other day.  Would you appreciate a note through the door complimenting you on your flowers, walls, lawn, whatever.  That's what I'm thinking of doing: or is it too much pressure to get it right every time


I think that would be nice. I'd love to come home to a note like that 


I'd think that someone was taking the you know what


It's always nice to receive a compliment Lesley - sets you up for the rest of the day!

Go for it ......if you're sure it's not astro-turf 


No way could they think someone was taking the mickey - it's like velvet - but they may have been getting someone in to do it

Panda - I'll never have a note - half the back garden is fairly good yay.  The front is neglected because OH hates taking trees down.  


You sound nice Lesley but NO, I would not want a note through my door complimenting me on anything. 

Its ok when someone visits or walks past  but a note?  


I will def do it Topbird.  If they don't do it themselves we may get a contact number for the clever people Can't afford it though


I'm with  Panda on this - I think it's a lovely thing to do. I can understand that someone could find it a little worrying though. Could be worse - it could be a nasty note! 

Perhaps best to be cautious and wait till you see someone in the garden to chat with. 


I think I'd prefer a knock on the door. You meet interesting people like that. 


There's no-one there when I walk past Verdun and we (me and OH) comment every time. Someone should hear that we appreciate their hard work.



Lesley, I've sent you a link on the aquilegia thread


At our previous house we had a really rubbish lawn - some areas were just mud and weeds with the odd bit of grass. I used one of the lawn maintenance companies in the area. They came in once a quarter and sprayed / spread whatever was the most appropriate product for the season / problems at the time. Within 6 months we had a lawn to be proud of - I was very impressed. 

The best bit though was that it was actually cheaper to pay them to come in and do it than to buy the products myself from the GC - and they always turned up when they were supposed to - I would have bought 'spring feed' and maybe not got round to using till August! 

Still had to mow it though....



Ah nut - the perfect answer except you'll get 'what are you selling or what do you want'

Beaus Mum

I would love a note Lesley  

Oh pansy face you made me chuckle with your comment 


I would love a note. I am always thrilled skinny when someone compliments my garden.



I wouldnt mind a note at all.  I love complements about the garden.

Steve 309

It's said (and it seems to be true) that the way to get a good lawn is to mow it once a week.  For a very good lawn, mow twice a week.

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