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Can any one help me with a problem I have had for the last 2 years with Young Spring cabbage plants.

I planted them out in October of both years after hardening them off, but each year they have been attacked by what looks like Caterpillars.

I have covered them this year with a really fine mesh but this has not stopped whatever it is that is causing the problem.

Any advise or Ideas would be really helpfull.




have you a picture of the caterpillars,have you seen them or could it be slugs leonard


Perhaps you didnt cover them when you hardened off. The butterfly laid eggs then and now they have hatched. Just pick them off they wont be there much longer anyway, the greens will grow out again from the middle. A tiny few slug pellets is a good idea this time of the year, the damp is really bringing out the slugs.

Thank you for the advice. I never thought of covering them while hardening off, I will check the plants  today for eggs and Caterpillars, also I will put slug pellets down too.

Once again, thank you.

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