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Edd, I used a soil test kit last year , the test tube type. It was very unreliable. Hope you find something that works well.
Edd wrote (see)

Thanks Mrs Garden.

Yes, it will be the test tube type that i am looking at, can you name the brand you tried?


Sorry Edd, only just seen this. It was a B&Q test kit.

Thanks edd. 16.99 still expensive isn't it but for your specific needs will be a good buy. Check the returns policy in case you're not happy. Is there somewhere you could take a sample for testing? I used to take aquarium water to get tested just wonder if there's something similar you can do and trust. Best wishes.

Edd, just a thought but do you have a technical college or university near you? You could approach the science dept. and ask if they would analyse it for you?


Ashleigh 2

Hi Edd, I just googled PH test reviews and the one that stood out was Luster Leaf 1612. It's American so most reviews were on Amazon US but they were consistently good, this one impressed me,

"I'm re-ordering this pH testing kit,because I've used up the pH tests of the first kit I bought. It's excellent. Contrary to what one other reviewer has said, it's extremely accurate. I had my pH tests repeated by the local Agway farm store manager and also by the County (Agricultural) Cooperative Extension agent. Both of their pH tests were exactly the same as those I got using the Luster Leaf pH tests.

Instructions are very clear and simple. The test itself takes only about 3 to 5 minutes to do. (Though if you go on to test N, P, and K with Luster Leaf's test kit for those elements, those tests will take a few hours - hands on time for those other tests is still only a few minutes though)."

I did find it on Amazon UK, £6.43 for ten.

Brought a soil test kit from base base in desperation(couldn't find one anywhere)

Soil/rainwater type and was quite effective giving 4 soil ph tests for £8


Ashleigh 2

Edd, we should have a thread about cheap and preferably free gardening solutions. I spent some time today researching plants I would have in and around the pond I haven't got and it came to £130! This forum's great but every time some one mentions a plant they love I look it up and love it too. The wish list is getting very long.


Edd, what were the results?


Get the ladies to wee on it and not the men.


Good idea Lyn

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