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Thank you KEF

I got his IQ wrong It was 139



Thank you star gaze lily Verdun you can have a slice if you are aloud LOL

we went out yesterday to celebrate his results the little man had fillet steak his favorite (blue) with black and blue sauce and scollops to start with nothing cheap about my son I have a roast and the OH had chicken.



Orchid Lady
Not been much over the weekend as it was my OH's birthday so we were celebrating (am I allowed to say that? ).

HUGE congratulations not-so 'Clueless' to your son, I can understand you being really proud of him and I don't mind you sharing with us at all, it's not like you posted it in the plants or problem solving part of the forum!! Even more reason to be proud with his dyslexia too

Maybe next time tell us on the Hello Forkers thread and then all of those that have commented and are pleased for you will see it and you won't get moaned at by those that are only interested in the gardening and not the friendship side of this forum

Congrats to you and son from me too, can understand your pride!


Steve the Gardening Vet
So now I'm going to be passive aggressively abused for posting a reasonable statement. That makes me feel very welcome.

Steve, I can see where your coming from but perhaps you made James feel unwelcome as well by saying that he shouldn't post that here.

BTW James, congratulations Oxbridge anyone??


Steve, there is nothing nasty going on here; all are wellcome andcan post on anything they like, although we tend not to discuss politics or religion.

Many posters like to post about the things that are going on in their lives, other than gardening and most of us like to read what they have to say.

A number of people have been much helped by others on here in many different ways

You are new to the site and were not to know this. Please feel very wellcome and I look forward to reading your posts.


SteveJ & M Fent, I haven't seen either of you on the threads I've been on, so Hello

Orchid Lady
Steve, everyone is welcome, I just felt a bit sad for Clueless as he was obviously extremely proud. I don't know anything about Clueless but for all we know, we might be the only people he could share his news with and I just think maybe we should thing about things like that for everyone that posts.

Cute dog by the way, I though it was a beagle but I think it is probably a spaniel?

MFent welcome here.  Not sure I said that to you 

Steve, welcome and best wishes.  I am far from the most tactful guy, always putting my foot (gob) in it but I,hope people understand that about me.  For sure nobody will have any issue with you whatsoever.      Even on the forum I have been a little outspoken but been forgiven, hopefully.  Look forward to your posts 


I for one don't hold a grudge.

Life is to short and your a long time dead

My hole life/world is my son and wife I'm proud of them both Tracey is right I don't have many friends as such but the friend I do have I would do anything for them I rang all my family with in 2 min of opening the results.

Proud is my only fault, I even had tears running down my face on Saturday while talking to his teachers (yes poor boy goes to school on a Saturday) how well he had done and thanked them on taking the EXTRA time with him



Well done the Clueless family. Better change your name, can't be Clueless after all to produce your son. Hope it goes well for him and he enjoys his school.

This forum has different threads for different things, there is the Forkers one just for chat. Generally the people here like gardening, but there are other things going on in our lives that we like to chat about - and why not?

My OH came from a mining family. His mother wanted him to get out of that so entered him for the 11 plus so he went to Grammar school then won a Scholarship for a private school then got a place in University and got a good degree in Physics. Had a good job, never looked back. I think it's harder for the young nowadays though.


Busy lizzie that is such a sweet story.

my wife works so so hard to keep my son in private school works all hours

example today she has gone to work a 8 until 2.30 and then back out at 6.30 to 8 am tomorrow yes I'm a househusband and have been since my son was born and by the way he was a IVF baby and we always said "he didn't ask to be born" so we do the best we can as I'm sure every parent does but sorry he is very dear and special to us ( four times and three years later on IVF)




Oh Clueless he must be chuffed to bits getting the news! A huge well done from over here. I know how easy it is to be put off when dyslexia trips you up and to fall under the "thick" label and never want to push yourself to learn your real talents so I'm so very pleased to hear your son has not just pushed but marched through with his head held up high.

Do let us know how he gets on! I bet you haven't stopped smiling!!


star gaze lily

Oh Clueless, what a story, I have tears in my eyes too. Very best wishes and hugs to you and your family

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