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After much reading i find some sites suggest pruning in early spring others suggest in September. If done now will the new cuts rot from rain (when it comes) hence better waiting for spring and then get new growth shortly after rather than having it cut now and waiting 5 months for new growth or does it not really matter?


I have never had any problems with pruning cherry laurels at any time of the year. The only problem has been with aching muscles.

Tough plants, they'll come back stronger than ever, I've pruned them throughout the year and it's made no difference.


Me too, you cant hurt them!

looks like a busy day tomorrow then



But beware of disturbing nesting birds - cherry laurel hedges are favourite nesting places for blackbirds, goldfinches and many other birds, and in many years nesting continues well into July - this year I've seen active nests in August. 

June? not read that before, so now on numerous sites i have spring summer and autumn. Think i,ll wait to spring.

I guess it is best to do just prior to the growing season so what you cut away grows back bushier sooner. Also avoids any new growth now being tender over winter.


Cherry laurels are wonderfully resilient plants. I've seen one caught up in a "bush fire"caused by idiots in a park with matches. It was burned to a cinder but regrew within a few weeks. 

I wouldn't worry too much about when you cut them. I cut my cherry laurel down to 2 ft (it was taller than the telephone wires in the street) when we moved in and that was Nov/Dec. It was just bare trunks when we finished. It's now a a lush bush in a manageable size. I would rather prune in autumn and winter so I don't disturb wildlife.

OK thanks all.


Definitely not June for me too many birds around.

Still what suits one doesnt suit another, we all have different priorities.  Just keep nipping the new leaf buds out to thicken it.


 All nipped in back Garden, ( half of them shown in photo) hopefully cover that horrid fence this time next year!


Beautiful, they will be up there by next summer.

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