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I have a Norway spruce that is growing like the clappers. Unfortunately some of the branches are growing bent up a wall. Can I prune it now or leave it until Winter / Autumn when the sap isn't rising ?   Also, I bought a large blue agapanthus today for £4. What sort of soil and site will be best for it ?  

Morning 1Runnybeak1

Norway spruce is very, very vigorous.  Not a plant for the you have a name for it on your label?  

Agapanthus is a sun loving plant.  Nice open site if you can or your agapanthus will "lean".   Best in isolation I think.....looks good in a sea of gravel on its own.   Many grow it in pots but the best plants are in the ground.  Avoid heavy clay soil........if you have this then pots will be better using John innes. 


Morning everyone. No I don't have a label as it was bought in a pot as a Tree for lights in the garden at Xmas and transplanted. I'd say it's about 5 ft now. The reason I asked the question is that last year I had to dig up and burn to small ordinary firs that had become totally infested with aphids or something and I couldn't get rid of whatever it was so I don't want to cut my Norway spruce and let some disease in as sap will Ouse from the cuts. I am being daft !     Thanks for advice on Agapanthus , will do that today. It's already a scorcher here in Staffordshire 


With Norway Spruce and any other fir, if you cut back beyond green foliage they will not re-sprout as broad leaved trees do. You need to look at your tree carefully before you cut anything. However, as the tree gets taller the branches will droop and screen where lower branches have been removed.



if the trees branches are brushing up a wall how close is it to the wall? Norway spruce have a shallow, but thick root system which could cause all sorts of damage to a wall foundation.

you could crown raise it - remove the branch totally to the trunk and then under plant with something shade tolerant?

but if its five feet tall now it'll add between 18 inches and 2 feet on in a good year so it could get massive really quickly!

Best to get rid of  Norway spruce 1Runnybeak1

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