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Hazel --

FG- stunning views and what a beautiful area to walk! That field with round haystacks was really eye catching. Well done


Fabulous side show Fairy  Little fairy has worked very hard and well  Bear is a bit cheeky  Whilst I know that little Panda isn't technically a bear, but she can be just as tricksy  


Nice show. Clever little Fairy.


star gaze lily

Beautiful views Fairy,  loved 'walking' with you. What a lovely place to go, thank you for sharing. Clever little fairy making slide show,  really stunning pics.


Thank you Fairy and thanks too to Little Fairy - loved 'sharing' the walk with you (will I lose as many calories and get as fit as you? ).  Fabulous views and lovely to see the 'friends' you met along the way


Well done little Fairy for the slideshow and well done Fairy for doing the walk.  It's amazing how close you got to the deer, dipper and heron.  Gorgeous pictures.


Glad you're enjoying it. The hyperlink ( don't ask me, I ain't gotta clue  ) wasn't working last night so we thought we weren't going to get it to work, but it happened eventually. Must have been my wand 

Lesley - that dipper is one of my favourite pix I've ever taken. I had to zoom, but I was fairly close. He/she was having a lovely time. There was a girl coming towards me on the footpath and another woman on the other side of the burn, heading up the hill, and I was hoping he wouldn't fly off as they got closer!

The reservoirs were very low - never seen them like that. Just shows how little rain you get over there compared to here on the dark side....

Hey Fairy, the pictures are stunning, thanks for sharing and thanks to your technical assistant! Lil bear earned the KitKat for sure! 


Well done Fairy, lovely lots of photos .

Brilliant! Well done to everyone - great slideshow too.  Pudsey looked worn out at the end. 


Followed your walk today Fairy.  Wished I could do it.  Beautiful views and wildlife. 

Well done again Fairy.    Posted mine today. X 


Thanks RB. It's terrific how much support I've had - can't thank everyone enough 

Missed the little fella on my jaunt this afternoon  


Received yours RB -  many thanks 

Total from forumites is now almost £200 and overall total is almost £300, and I still have more cash  to collect from friends as well as a few more forumite cheques. 

Was thinking of you all when I was out walking yesterday, feeling humble, reflective and grateful that something so simple for me to do can help others who are less fortunate.

It's not possible without the support from all of you who have put your hands in your collective pockets though, and I can't thank you all enough  



My cheque is in the envelope and had a lovely trip around the coast of Cornwall yesterday.

I'll go into the post to-day, honest. 


Hosta - you could have had a sponsored 'walk' of your own  



more of a drive than a walk.


Just thought I'd update you - total is now £350 with more cash still to be collected, so hopefully will be over £400 when I post it away next week.

Thank you all again for your support  

Fairy and Pudsey xxx