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25/09/2013 at 08:30




what are you planning for this year ????

well as im sat looking at the mit im thinking of pumpkin carving for this year... i grow pumpkins so i can carve them(making delicious soup from the inards as well....) so show us yours... here are a few from years gone by that myself and my OH have carved

 spooky trio



25/09/2013 at 23:12

 Spooky.   Woooh.

25/09/2013 at 23:22

Is there nothing you can't do?  They are fab! 

25/09/2013 at 23:51

Mine all came to nothing (as usual), just fodder for the compost heap

26/09/2013 at 03:07

Mine been rubbish last 3 yrs, but speaking of compost heap, that's where we grew ours our 1st yr here as we had no veg beds then or anywhere to grow em. We grew one at 4 stone! So that's where they're goung again next yr, and the sweetcorn.

As for the carving, any chance you could do templates, Stacey. For the ones I'll have to buy again this yr! I can't even draw a respectable stick man, and can't get my son to realise that we need to have bits inbetween the carving for it to hold up.  As I can't draw, I can't explain it, either!

26/09/2013 at 05:51

Gardenjeannie I will happily send you templates if I can find any of the above ones....I have to say we did 5 one year and had a team of 4 people hollowing and helping with the carving......... ( this was b4 lo) and it did invol e lots of wine.... 

26/09/2013 at 07:32

They look amazing

I was looking at one of my groups on facebook, and someone used a drill to carve their pumpkins. I was thinking of using small ones in this way to make a little line of night lights. 

My all-time favourite pumpkin design has to be the one that looks like it's had a very nasty tummy bug lol

26/09/2013 at 10:51

Lol love it Emma..... We use scalpels and pumpkin carving tools ( yes they do exist) from the states.. Am gonna try doing an evening forkers one .......

26/09/2013 at 15:10

Wow they are fantastic. I'll give the carving a miss, I'm rubbish at anything arty and I'd probably just end up with something looking like a blob with a ruddy great hole in the middle lol. And even if I did manage it, if I stuck a couple of those outside my front door at night and then went outside and came face to face so to speak I'd die of fright lol I'm such a wimp I'd scare myself, soo dark in my garden!

26/09/2013 at 15:25

I so want to do this this year!

26/09/2013 at 15:40

  Love the puking pumpkin

26/09/2013 at 19:11

Whoever did the puking pumpin wasn't beehaven!

26/09/2013 at 20:35

lmao Ms that is EXACTLY what I meant hahahahhahahahaha

27/09/2013 at 08:08

I love the one throwing up ..... There is also an ace alien one must find it.....can't find it but love this one... Just gotta find a big pumpkin as don't think mine are big enough...


27/09/2013 at 08:08

Lmao swisssue.....

27/09/2013 at 20:56

Stacey, what type of pumpkins do you grow?

27/09/2013 at 21:22

Stacey, I love them, they are really good, like the witch one especially

27/09/2013 at 23:00

Shouldn't have shown my boys all these. They're going to be really disappointed when I do my normal c**p job!

27/09/2013 at 23:06

AmazingAmazing !  

When we ran out of pumpkin last year we did peppers too - looked v cute!

28/10/2013 at 18:07

Fidget I normally grow baby bear, crown prince and Atlantic large!

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