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Stacey Docherty




what are you planning for this year ????

well as im sat looking at the mit im thinking of pumpkin carving for this year... i grow pumpkins so i can carve them(making delicious soup from the inards as well....) so show us yours... here are a few from years gone by that myself and my OH have carved 

 spooky trio




Is there nothing you can't do?  They are fab! 


Mine all came to nothing (as usual), just fodder for the compost heap


Mine been rubbish last 3 yrs, but speaking of compost heap, that's where we grew ours our 1st yr here as we had no veg beds then or anywhere to grow em. We grew one at 4 stone! So that's where they're goung again next yr, and the sweetcorn.

As for the carving, any chance you could do templates, Stacey. For the ones I'll have to buy again this yr! I can't even draw a respectable stick man, and can't get my son to realise that we need to have bits inbetween the carving for it to hold up.  As I can't draw, I can't explain it, either!


Stacey Docherty

Gardenjeannie I will happily send you templates if I can find any of the above ones....I have to say we did 5 one year and had a team of 4 people hollowing and helping with the carving......... ( this was b4 lo) and it did invol e lots of wine.... 


They look amazing

I was looking at one of my groups on facebook, and someone used a drill to carve their pumpkins. I was thinking of using small ones in this way to make a little line of night lights. 

My all-time favourite pumpkin design has to be the one that looks like it's had a very nasty tummy bug lol

Stacey Docherty

Lol love it Emma..... We use scalpels and pumpkin carving tools ( yes they do exist) from the states.. Am gonna try doing an evening forkers one .......

Heather Michaels

Wow they are fantastic. I'll give the carving a miss, I'm rubbish at anything arty and I'd probably just end up with something looking like a blob with a ruddy great hole in the middle lol. And even if I did manage it, if I stuck a couple of those outside my front door at night and then went outside and came face to face so to speak I'd die of fright lol I'm such a wimp I'd scare myself, soo dark in my garden!


I so want to do this this year!


Whoever did the puking pumpin wasn't beehaven!


lmao Ms that is EXACTLY what I meant hahahahhahahahaha

Stacey Docherty

I love the one throwing up ..... There is also an ace alien one must find it.....can't find it but love this one... Just gotta find a big pumpkin as don't think mine are big enough...




Stacey, what type of pumpkins do you grow?

hollie hock

Stacey, I love them, they are really good, like the witch one especially


Shouldn't have shown my boys all these. They're going to be really disappointed when I do my normal c**p job!


AmazingAmazing !  

When we ran out of pumpkin last year we did peppers too - looked v cute!

Stacey Docherty

Fidget I normally grow baby bear, crown prince and Atlantic large!